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  1. Wow that looks just the job. And a proper cell for the filter. Looks like the old Orion USA solar filters. Just need a 50mm finder.
  2. That sounds like a great idea. I will keep an eye out for a cheap 9x50. Or check Astroboot.
  3. I make a new filter every new season. I ask for a new Baader solar film every xmas, throw away my old filter regardless. I check the filter religiously through out the year. But for the sake of £18 its worth replacing yearly. I also converted an old 6x30 finder into a solar finder. Removed the optics, put a dust cap at the front with a pin hole and a transparent dust cap at the rear. That projects a white dot onto the rear cap and makes lining up the sun a breeze.
  4. Can't say I point them out to passers by but I am like a warped record with my work colleagues, making sure they know what planets are up or when there is an ISS flyby. Some are interested, others less so. All are far more impressed with the ISS flyby.
  5. wow that is a lot of replies Thanks everyone for such a nice welcome to the forum. I know Redbridge Lane well. Not far from where my local astro group, Solent Astro, meet at the Oasis Academy. Just off Lords Hill Way. Ah yes we go to the Gamekeeper sometimes at Woodlands.
  6. Don't forget the 3200 that Amazon are planning on putting up as well. It's going to be hard finding a gap in the sky to see anything. Lol.
  7. Many thanks for the welcome Steve and Peter.
  8. New to the forum, although been lurking for a while. Hmm sounds a bit sinister said like that. Anyway, I'm located near Southampton on the edge of the New Forest. Skies are not great but fine for my lowly aspirations. Just to say this is such a great forum, so many knowledgeable people and so much information. Incredible. And been so much help with buying bits and pieces, then setting up. Cheers Sam
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