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  1. Looks like i'm heading down the 7mm route then... Thanks for the advice everybody, I always feel like i'm in safe hands on here!!! Also, thanks for the tip on baffling I shall look into it...
  2. Hello, I'm looking for some advice on what eyepieces to get for my new Skywatcher Skyliner 300p Flextube Auto (f/5). My main use will be for planetary observing. The scope came with SP10mm & 25mm and I have a 2x Skywatcher Barlow from a previous scope. I would probably spend around one or two hundred, maybe more if there is a flexible solution, i.e barlows and a couple of eyepieces etc... I have been looking at a SkyWatcher Nirvana UWA 4mm Eyepiece but i'd like to gain some confidence on it all before splashing out. Many thanks for any replies.
  3. Hi John, Yep its the az, thanks for checking. Not really thought too much about a budget for eye pieces, still pretty new to it all and I just have the supplied eyepieces at present from my 130p. I'm going to assume that i'll need a couple at least and I hope that I wouldn't need to spend more than a few hundred to get what the scope deserves. Would that sort of budget make a huge difference from the standard supplied ones? Sorry i'm going off the thread topic. Thanks again... Edwin.
  4. Well, thanks to this thread and this latest post, I have gained the confidence and have also taken the plunge and ordered myself the 12". Should be coming on Tuesday and I already have a synscan on my explorer130p with a gps mouse so i'll give it all a go! Thanks to all involved... Anybody have any recommendations on extras? EP's, RDFinder etc...?
  5. Hello, i'm new here and was looking to buy a 300p sw flextube auto and while on the skywatcher website I noticed if you compared any telescope it showed a list of synscan goto dobs. Does anyone know when they may come out in uk, as i think i'll hold off getting the auto tracking one in favour of the goto if it's anytime soon. TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE
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