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  1. Ok, thanks. Will go for a mono camera then.
  2. Thank you. will definitely try that. I have seen a few websites discussing the pros and cons of mono and colour cameras. The main message that sticks in my head is that the light gathering efficiency and noise reduction is better with mono's, am I right? Another silly question, most of the DSO images I have seen, have these dazzling colours which is what makes them attractive. Wouldnt that detail be lost if imaged using mono camera?
  3. Thanks. I am not sure if there is a PC software for sony A200, but I am going to have a look online.
  4. Oh.. brilliant. Thank you very much. Much happier now..
  5. Hello, I would appreciate some advice on this matter please. Since buying the HEQ5 Pro Skywatcher mount ( with skywatcher 130PDS ), the world of deep sky astronomy has opened up to me and I am very excited to actually capture some of the DSO's recently, but the issue is with focussing. I am using a Sony A200 DSLR, which doesnt have live view. I have used a Bahtinov mask as well, but again the image seen through the view finder is too dim to adjust the focus. I have tried taking a few test images and then to download onto PC/ mobile phone and then to get an idea of the focus by zooming into the image. I still cant see the diffraction spikes properly to get the image into sharp focus. Hence I am thinking of other options such as moving onto buying a dedicated astronomy camera in the ZWO range. My question is, will using the astronomy camera help me achieve a sharp focus? Will I be able to use the Bahtinov mask with the ZWO camera and see the live image on a PC to adjust the focus? Sorry if it seems a silly question, but would appreciate any advice, as this has been a vexing problem for me. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks jimjam11, what sort of camera would you suggest?
  7. Thanks everyone for your advice. Just amazed and humbled by the amount of knowledge and experience in this forum. I will certainly start with the book and will likely buy the SW130 PDS . Obviously a lot further to do with getting a decent imaging device, coma corrector and guidescope. Thanks
  8. I have a sony A200 DSLR camera with zoom lens kit, which is what I am planning to use. I hope it will work? Will look into buying a dedicated lens such as the Samyang that you had mentioned when the budget allows. In terms of what I wanted to image- I just want to try and picture the popular deep sky objects, the likes of what I see in this forum ( far too ambitious, I know!!). Also, I didnt know anything about guidescopes until you asked me. Is it an absolute must or is it something that I could buy later after getting the hang of it initially? Thanks for your advice.
  9. Thanks wimvb. That's really great. btw, your images are fantastic!
  10. Whistlin Bob and R26, thank you both. Thats been great advice. Feeling a lot better now as I have been scratching my head for a long time with making a decision on this. R26, is this the frac you mentioned? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-evostar-80ed-ds-pro-ota.html? I would definitely like to keep the Dob, as it has served me well over the years. Thanks again for your prompt response.
  11. Hello, this is my first post here and thank you all in advance for your advice. I recently decided to upgrade from using skywatcher skyliner 200P Dobsonian which I have had for some years to buying a proper mount for DSO observation and photography. I was really taken in by the reviews for the skywatcher HEQ5 mount and thought that I could use the 200P OTA on the mount, but was corrected by the helpful folks at FLO that it won't stand a chance in even the gentlest of breeze for photography, but can still do visuals. So, now I am thinking of buying the mount as well as either of skywatcher 150P-DS OTA https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-150p-ds-ota.html) or skywatcher 200P-DS OTA, which is lighter and has a shorter tube (https://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-ds-ota.html). I was told that the 150 P-DS OTA will be better for DSO photography as it will give a wider field of view than the 200 P-DS. Is this correct? Thanks again for you help. _SSh
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