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  1. Does anyone know of an Astronomy Club in the South Lakes, I've just moved to Ulverston. I found the Furness and South Lakeland Astronomical Society at Furness and South Lakeland Astronomical Society but their site hasn't been updated since 2007 and there are no contact details... Any help appreciated! Brian.
  2. First time I've had my scope out in 2 months but well worth it, Jupiter and the four moons clear as a bell. I could see two bands across the surface of the planet - this is a first for me!! Brian.
  3. First of all congratulations, and I hope everything goes OK in 6-8 weeks (my 1st was 1 week late, my 2nd a week early!) Just don't miss it. How about some obvious ones Ed/Edmond as in Halley, Issac as in Newton, Neil as in Armstrong... Best of luck, Brian.
  4. Excellent programme - don't miss it.
  5. I going too, I'm already on the way to Mars with Phoenix!! Brian.
  6. Info from Sky & Telescope website Eight days after finding a nova in Cygnus, Japanese amateurs Koichi Nishiyama and Fujio Kabashima have done it again! Their lastest nova is in Sagittarius. When they first captured it on April 18th, using the same 105-mm camera lens they'd used earlier, Nova Sagittarii 2008 was only about magnitude 9. But IAU Circular 8937 and Central Bureau Electronic Telegram 1352, both issued today by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT) at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, paint a different picture: Since discovery, Nova Sagittarii 2008 has brightened to near-naked-eye visibility! The CBAT announcements quote a study be U. Munari, A. Siviero (Padova Astronomical Observatory), and colleagues, indicating that the star has been brightening at about 0.7 magnitude per day. Alexandre Amorim in Florianopolis, Brazil, found it to be visual magnitude 6.5 on Tuesday evening (that is, April 23rd near 2:20 Universal Time). This nova's coordinates are right ascension 18h 06.0m, declination –27° 14' (equinox 2000.0). It's just a few degrees north of the "spout" of the Teapot asterism.
  7. No sorry mine is Neodinium vs UHC-S. It's not really a Vs it's a comparison of what they can both do for me in my location. They arrived today - great delivery Steve (FLO) so hopefully I'll be able to test them tonight (after the football!) Brian.
  8. Dean, what the handles on the tube for? I lift my scope using the handles on the base. Brian.
  9. I've just ordered the Neodymium & UHC-S from FLO for use in my Dob in my light polluted skies near Blackpool (It's hopeless during the Illuminations!!!). Mine are for Visual use rather than photographic - I will do a small writeup when they arrive and I have a clear night to test them. Brian.
  10. Sorry, what I am trying to ask is am I alright putting some of the Baader film over the 2" hole in the 10" dust cap which fits in the end of my Dob - I think the answer say yes - but it might be to small? Am I safe with this arrangement or is there a risk that light can get in around the edge of the 10" dust cap - is it a good enough fit, has anyone else tried a similar setup ? Brian.
  11. Thanks for your help. I use a Red Dot Finder so no worries there. Is the dust cap a good enough fit or do I need some other protection ? Brian.
  12. I have a 10" Skyliner Dob and was thinking about looking for a few sunspots. I've looked at FLO's website and they sell Baader AstroSolar Safety Film ND 5.0. Would I have to cover the whole of the end of the telescope or would it work using the supplied dustcap and just using the film to cover the small 2" hole in the dustcap? Any suggestions appreciated. Brian.
  13. Slightly off subject but can someone tell me what the specs are (focal length, AFOV etc) for the 10mm & 25mm Plossl eyepieces that Skywatcher supply with their Dob scopes? Thanks, Brian.
  14. Grant, Sorry to be the sole voice of opposition but I don't like the new format, there is too much space which means you have to scroll a whole lot more to see all the boards or posts. Is it possible to loose some of the space ? Brian.
  15. In case you haven;t seen it there is a similar discussion going on in the Observations section http://stargazerslounge.com/index.php/topic,25400.0.html Brian.
  16. What a brilliant book! Just got it on loan from my Library - but I am going to have to go and buy it. It's the next step after Turn Left At Orion. Brian.
  17. Thanks Trev The track looks exactly like waht I saw. How did you manage to find out which Satellite it was? How can I do it in the future ? Brian.
  18. It seemed to go from Saturn straight overhead to Cassiopeia (i.e. South to North) from my location near Blackpool. Just past being overhead it seemed to flare up in brightness quite considerably for a few seconds This was at around 21.38. My first thought was an Iridium Flare but I've checked Heavens above but can't see any suitable candidates. Can anyone help? Thanks, Brian.
  19. That's wht I did - nothing this year. I thing Ringz answered the question - oh well never mind.
  20. Thanks Astroman, had a look but no passes this year.........
  21. Is it possible to see the Hubble Space Telescope with the naked eye like you can see the ISS ? Brian.
  22. I use a Spiral bound A5 notebook with perforations (Pukka Pad) from Tesco (£1.70 I think) I have a standard template for noting date/time/location/weather etc then write a list of things I have seen (and indicate first views). (click to enlarge) I have printed sheets full of 2 inch circles (with boxes for eyepiece, magnification etc) which I use for sketching at the scope. These can then be glued into the appropriate page. Photos or notes from the Internet can also be stuck in. Because the book is spiral bound pages from the back can be removed as more photos/sketches are stuck in the the book gets thicker. Brian.
  23. Saturn and it's rings are the first target I ever pointed my scope at, and I remeber shouting out WOW The last time I saw it was around June? last year, I can't see it yet from where I live (houses in the way) but give it another few weeks and I can't wait to see the difference a year has made to how the rings have closed up!!! Brian.
  24. I've got a great 8 birth tent - from Sunncamp, cost about £180, it's got 2 bedrooms (1 for the kids, 1 for us!) either side of a central living area. The thing is that I can take it and put it just about anywhere, you may have some problems trying to park in the middle of a tent campsite. The other thing to thing about is once you have set-up camp, and the table and stove etc, you can drive away in the car for the day. With your idea you may/will have to take the tent down each day and put it up again each night. What about your other bits and pieces? I would suggest buying a separate tent - it will be more practical in the long run. Brian.
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