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  1. Thanks Malcolm I spoke with Keith and i'm in luck , can use the one made for the William Optics ZenithStar 70 .
  2. Nice work Stuart a very nice image you got there especially with the altitude its at , its so low i'm not going to catch it this year from my location .
  3. Hi all i was wondering can i use a Megrez 72 bahtinov mask with my IKI 70mm ed refractor ? i know they are made to focal length and aperture but cannot find one for sale exactly right for my scope which is 420mmfl and 70mm aperture , i was thinking maybe the megrez 72 one from FLOas its the closest i can find but would this still work or do i need to build my own ? Thanks .
  4. Hi folks well i'm still very much new to deepspace photography as i only have a handful of DS images to date so i'm quite happy to have a new target under my belt . I aquired an Ian King Imaging 70mm ed scope from a good fellow at Astro buy and sell at the start of the week and was itching to give it a test so it was great to see the skies clearing up on saturday night . Thought i'd try imaging M3 as i like globs and have never got a picture of this before , equipment used was an iki70mm ed scope and a Canon 1000d at prime focus mounted on a Cg-4 unguided . Final image is 77 lights @ 90 seconds and 40 darks ( no flats as yet and need a field flattner to get rid of the bloated stars around the edges ) processed in Deepsky stacker , Pixinsight and Photoshop . Regards Alan
  5. Great set of images had hopes of doing this myself and making an animation but the weather wasn't playing ball .
  6. bigal1

    Moon 310312

    Excellent mosaic nice and sharp , really like the shadows around the lunar alpes region ( my fav ) gives a good feeling of depth
  7. Very nice image Fay really like the color
  8. Hi all thought i'd post tonights results from the Moon which was 99% full , conditions were about 6-7/10 so not too bad but there was quite a bit of wobble to the atmosphere . Equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak scope and a Canon 1000D at prime focus mounted on a Cg-4 with motors , final image is a mosaic of 2 seperate images due to it being slightly too big to fit in one frame and each seprate image is a stack of 16 put through Registax 6 then touched up in Phtoshop . Regards Alan Image reduced 40% in size
  9. Excellent repo this one Stuart liking it a lot
  10. Excellent result and very nice processing well done
  11. Hi folks managed to get out for an hour tonight and conditions were not too bad for my area about 7/10 so thought i'd snap some pics of the Moon . I like the waxing gibbous phase as it shows nice shadow and definition on my favorite area the lunar alpes region and also a lot more features benefit from the angle of the light , personally i prefer this phase to any other for visual or imaging . Equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak scope and a Canon 1000D at prime focus mounted on a Cg-4 with tracking motors installed , final images is a stack of 43 seperate images processed with registax 6 and touched up in photoshop . Regards Alan
  12. The mount tracks great even better since i've fine tuned the polar scope alignment , managed to get 45 mins solid tracking on Mars the other night without it moving off the laptop screen think thats my best to date but yeh its very good once setup properly .
  13. I only used the bottom two wavelet sliders , the bottom one was about half way and the next was only moved up a slight ammount . The only thing i do is use virtualdub to split into seperate bmp images / frames then straight into registax 6 , after that the image goes into photoshop for some slight adjustments . I rekon a focus mask should be fine over a dew shield but tbh i have never used one so best to hear from people who have .
  14. Great Saturn image the cassini division showing well and plently of banding
  15. Top work Neil the clouds really show up well , makes for a nice image .
  16. Great images especially picking up the clouds , something i have been wanting to do for a long time so well done
  17. Hi Ben i used registax 6 to do the stacking , let the program decide the align points and ended up with over 700 .
  18. Hi all well conditions again were very clear but very unstable ( rekon 5/10 ) so this is the best i could manage , was going to stay out for Saturn and see if it got any better but from what i can make out it will be too low to see from my position . Equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak scope , 2x barlow plus extension tube and a Philips Spc900nc webcam , final image was 2978 frames @ 10fps recorded in Sharpcap . Regards Alan
  19. Same conditions here so i gave up you got a nice image there Stuart worth sticking it out imo
  20. Hi folks thought i'd post this image of the Moon i got from tonights session , conditions were not too bad early on when i got this image but they went down hill later on . Equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak scope and a Cannon 1000D at prime focus mounted on a CG-4 mount with motors , finished result was a stack of 24 seperate images then tweaked in Photoshop . Regards Alan Image reduced 60% in size
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