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  1. Thats a nice crop you did there Ben my fav feature on the moon aswell
  2. Sweet image amazing how much detail a small scope can show on the Moon well done
  3. The major thing i've noticed when stacking dslr moon images is that i always have a lot less noise in the stacked image which lets me sharpen further and also makes for a smoother cropped image .
  4. Thats a great image Stuart as you said its very dim atm
  5. Superb Moon image you got there well done i was out the same night with my 127 mak and the view looked exactly the same so as you did i thought i'd snap a few subs but when i got in i realised i had a few settings wrong and the whites were all blown out wasted 60 good subs that night so great to see your results .
  6. Thats a really nice image well done , you might be able to open it in registax and run the rgb align function which should remove the blue edge or just lower the saturation in an art package ( black and white looks fine on the moon and some people prefer it ) . Just to add i have had a quick try with your image in registax running rgb align then into photoshop and altered color balance a bit and reduced saturation , thought i'd also run it through unsharp mask just a tad . I'm not the best at processing but it may give you an idea what you can do with it
  7. Thats a great shot well done
  8. Thats a great image good work
  9. Thanks for the comments , @ James yeh its very nice to have the moon fit in the full frame and only just so i use the direct T connection on the mak as to give max field .
  10. It is the full frame but reduced 70% in size .
  11. Managed to snap a few subs of the Moon a few nights ago but the heat was affecting the quality so thought if i stack a good bunch it might help . In the end i had 75 shots out of which i stacked 60 for the final image , equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak scope and a Canon 1000d at prime focus mounted on a Cg-4 . Regards Alan
  12. Nice blue moon you captured there
  13. Good work Roger they came out well , be great to see a mosaic at that resolution would be a cracker .
  14. Super images lots of detail and very smooth well done
  15. Hi folks thought i'd post this image i got lastnight of the moon , i was at a friends house and his son has a Skywatcher Mercury 707 telescope which we decided to get out and try a bit of visual but i couldn't resist strapping on the Canon 1000d and seeing what results it gave . I was quite suprised at the final image which i thought was rather good for a starter telescope and the CA was quite well controlled , visual was also quite pleasing especially when using the supplied 25mm eyepiece . Regards Alan
  16. Cracking image especially using a lens well done , what focal length was it taken at 300mm ?
  17. Hi all got two images of the Moon today so thought i'd post em up . first one was taken around 8.30pm so it was still quite light out as you can tell from the picture and the bonus was catching an aircraft flying past , this was taken with an IKI70mm scope and a Canon 1000d at prime focus . The second was taken later on and i used my Skymax 127 mak scope and a Canon 1000d at prime focus , although the sky was nice and clear for once the wind was gusting at 30mph and there was quite a lot of heat shimmer still rising up from the ground so things were a bit more tricky at this focal length . The final Skymax image is a stack of 30 single subs processed in registax and photoshop . Regards Alan Both images reduced in size by 70%
  18. Excellent result you got there especially through a window
  19. I cannot praise the Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak enough , i started with the goto version and it sure is a fine piece of kit which gives very plesent views and also makes some great images i picked mine up used for £250 .
  20. Bad luck there mate i used to be an electronics engineer and caps holding charge caught a few people out giving them a zap , in the end if any large caps were on a circuit we started shorting them out to discharge before we began work .
  21. Excellent first can make out the propeller well done
  22. I got 1 on the 22nd conditions were not too bad for the 2 hours i was out but it was going down hill fast later on . http://stargazerslounge.com/showthread.php?t=190170
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