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  1. Great set of images bags of detail in them
  2. Hi all thought i'd try something new with an image i took in the last few days , my idea was to crop an area of interest ( in this case my favorite area on the moon ) and then change the perspective of the image in PS to try and get a look of flying over the surface . Not too sure if it has worked but it certainly has made for a different image to what i normally get , equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 and a Canon 1000d at prime focus . The final image was a single exposure which had a small area cropped resized and the perspective changed , Regards Alan
  3. Great set of images you got there well worth the effort i'd say .
  4. Super result there Stuart your big dob really showing its muscle
  5. Excellent attempt considering the equipment and method used you did well hand guiding for planetary work is very tricky .
  6. Good going Stuart especially in not so ideal conditions , should be good around april ( opposition i think )
  7. Great image the Tal does control the CA well .
  8. Superb mosaic the level of detail is great and also its my fav lunar feature
  9. Very nice images shows how good the tal is
  10. Hi folks well i was lucky to have another good clear night so made the most while the moon was up . Conditions seemed to be a fair bit better than when i was out last a few days ago although it was very cold . Equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak scope and a Canon 1000d at prime focus and final image is a single exposure with slight adjustment in PS . Regards Alan
  11. Hi folks this will be my first post in a while mainly due to the long spell of bad weather in my area . I managed to get out for an hour lastnight and capture some avi's of mars ( was doing Saturn aswell but the clouds moved in ) this image is the best result out of the bunch . Equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 and an spc900 webcam , conditions were about 6-7 / 10 so not the best but the best i've seen in a long time and the final image was 2500 frames stacked . Regards Alan
  12. Great image you captured quite a lot of detail , good going with the 127
  13. Very nice images bet they are quite large full size .
  14. Nice mosaic regi stax version deff a lot better well done
  15. Hi all thought i'd post my best result from tonight imaging the moon , its been a while since i last did any imaging due to mainly the weather so it was nice to blow off the cobwebs . Equipment used was a Skywatcher Skymax 127 mak scope and a Canon 1000d on a Cg-4 mount with motors , image is a single exposure with slight touch up in PS thanks .
  16. Hi Andy i've recently been looking at getting a new imaging scope and as i dont have a top line mount so need something which is not too powerful which will not task my tracking too much . I started to look at lenses for my camera around the 300mm mark but to get a nice one costs quite a bit so i then looked at scopes with short FL's , the 2 i looked at was the equinox 66 and the WOzs70 both of which run at quite short FL with a reducer / flattner . In the end i've decided to go for the 80mm ed from Ian King Imaging which with the reducer will run at 448mm fl f5.6 , i rekon this should be fine for my mount and still have other options ( ie guide scope ) when i do finally get a decent mount . A nice small scope like the Equinox66 with reducer would end up at 320mm Fl which i think would be my choice instead of a lense but like i said i am very new to dso imaging so my requirements more than likley will be different to yours good luck with whatever you decide
  17. Thanks for all the input its good to hear peoples opinions especially as we all have our own take on things so it makes for an interesting read . I spoke to Ian King about the iki80 and asked him how it compared to the skywatcher ed80 , he informed me the build quality is miles ahead of the synta types but it may show a little more color in the blue . I then found a picture on his website taken using one and a very nice ccd which i thought would show any inperfections more so than any other form of imaging device but to me the pic looks quite good and i'd certainly be happy enough with results like that ( i'm fairly new to dso imaging so not looking for perfection at the mo just good results ) anyway here is the pic taken by a man called Graham Smith using QSI 583 ccd .
  18. Thanks for the info folks rekon i'm gonna go for the iki 80 with reducer/corrector , nice price and fast enough for me at f5.6 .
  19. Hi all well i've decided to buy a small refractor for imaging and maybe as a grab and go scope and having checked out quite a few i came across this from Ian King imaging IKHARUS Telescope and Accessories from Ian King Imaging Now the spec and price look good to me especially with the reducer / corrector but i've not heard much about it and there is not a lot of info on the net so i was looking for anyones opinions on it if they have 1 or have come across them before , how does it compare to a skywatcher ed80 ( besides the focal length difference ) which was my other choice plus does it have a focus lock and mounting holes for a finder shoe ? Regards Alan
  20. Thats a nice neat mod well done , i kind of made a temporary one which is just a small led and a few button cell batteries connected to a switch which all sits inside the polar scope housing but your mod is a lot more elegant so i'll sure have a go at your method thanks a lot for posting
  21. Excellent images have to agree its nice to have saturn back and even better with the rings being more open .
  22. Great job Chris an excellent animation
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