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  1. Thanks Ken. Appreciate that. And thanks arad85, I've now got a mental diagram of how it works.
  2. I can vouch for that. I use it virtually every time I'm stargazing. Great Program
  3. I was able to observe Jupiter up until about 3 weeks ago when it descended over the horizon just after sunset. So I guess it'll be a while before we'll see that particular jewel in our night sky again.
  4. Hi Ken, I have a terrible head for figures but in principle are you saying that the further forward (nearer to the objective lense or primary mirror) that you put the barlow, the longer it makes the focal length of the scope? Is there an approximation that would apply. ie:. that a 2x barlow effectively becomes a 3x barlow so that I know what mag I am viewing at? Regards, Mark
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but here goes. I read on the forum that putting a 2x barlow in front of the star diagonal significantly increases the magnification on a scope. Why is this and how do I know by what factor it increases the mag? Last night I managed, using a Kson 16.8mm orthoscopic with this setup on my Starmax 127, to see the gap tween Saturn and it's rings, the shadow of the planet on the rings and the rings crossing in front of the planet. Thanks in advance for any help. Mark
  6. Hi All, and thanks for your welcoming comments. I've never seen the milky way in Basildon but we do get some good clear nights from time to time when you can see quite a bit. I managed to locate M51 in my 1145P skyhawk a couple of weeks back. It was extremely faint but definitely viewable once my eyes were adjusted. I can't see M31 with the naked eye but can find it easily with 7x33 binos and even easier with 10x50s. I've got family in N Wales. Can't wait to take the skymax 127 up there. Mark
  7. Hi Ant, If you're on Canvey then your sky is likely similar to what it is here in Basildon. Do you use any kind of light pollution filter when viewing nebulae and the like? Mark
  8. Hi everyone, I'm in Basildon, Essex. November last year my wife came home and told me that a friend of ours had just bought his wife a small telescope. I remembered the old Tasco (one of those scopes sold on the ludicrously high mags) up in the loft and got it out. It Immediatetly re-awoke my love of the night sky though I could only use it on the lowest power. I ended up buying 1st a Skyhawk 1145PM and last week a Skymax 127 Mak GoTo. I've only been able to use the Skymax twice but Wow what good views. 1st time out and we were able to see the ice cap on Mars and last night even though I could hardly see any stars due to the milky sky it managed to see'' through it to give a nice sharp if faint view of Saturn at around 180x mag. Can't wait for some clear skies! Incedently, the skymax came from Telescope Planet and it arived les than 24hrs after ordering it. I did however, find them really hard to reach on the phone. When I did, I got some very helpful advise though. Anyways, that's me. I have been reading on here for a while and have learned a lot and I shall no doubt be asking questions in the future. Best wishes everyone, Mark
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