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  1. Wow now that sounds ideal. I did think it would be strange if there was no proper adjustment method given the standard of the earlier Mesu mounts, so obviously we've been jumping to conclusions thinking that it wasn't apparent how that worked. The balancing issue was actually one of the only sticking points that made me keep other options on the table, so if that's fixed I doubt I'll look much further than the MK2 when it's time to buy my observatory mount. The bent pier looks really nice in one regard (no flip) and unergonomic in another (big base to bump into), so I might consider getting one made with no base and just a flat plate that can bolt to some threads set into the floor. I'll have to look more closely at that nearer the time, interested to see how other people get on with the pier as supplied with the base and feet.
  2. Much as I want to believe that any Mesu will be mechanically excellent, I just don't get this new wedge and lack of an ergonomic polar alignment method. I'm a way away from buying an observatory mount anyway, but a Mesu was at the top of my shortlist, so I guess I'll have to wait and see since I have some time before buying anything - I hope a better wedge with easy to use and accurate alt/az adjustments is released, as otherwise I might have to look again at the other options.
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