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  1. Thanks for post Paul (and link to review) Had just about decided to go for EQM-35 pro. Having second thoughts now???
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for a very useful reply. The polar aligning tube has worried me. I've seen suggestions that a polar scope upgrade may be in the planning (but when?) I've looked at the forums you suggest and have come to the conclusion that I would probably have to buy a new tablet. I do want to do some photography but my opportunities are limited, I have to travel to find an observing site. So set up time and ease of transport are important to me. This is what drew me to this mount. However, I am also concerned about it's payload capacity, recently seen it quoted as 5kg. (although most list it as 6.8kg for photography) I have finally decided to spend somewhat more money and go for a Skywatcher EQM-35 pro. (higher payload, polarscope, synscan controller, sturdier tripod)
  3. Thanks for video, shots of it running with covers off were interesting, certainly looks solidly built. Demo was a bit Laurel and Hardy! Wonder how sturdy the tripod is.
  4. Thanks for that link, interesting read! Still tempted to get one, it seems to fit my needs quite well.
  5. Explorer Scientific iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Does anybody have any experience with this mount?
  6. Planning to buy s/h SW 80ed without extras If anyone has a 2" diagonal with adaptor to sell (£20-£30) I would be very grateful. Can collect around West Yorkshire or pay postage. Item found
  7. I've heard that cheap inverters can damage modern chargers and that an expensive (£2-300) pure sine wave inverter was needed. I was hoping that the constant 15v output from a dc-dc converter would be about the same as the output from a mains charger but I can't find any specs for the celestron charger.
  8. I'm thinking about buying a nexstar evolution 8. I want to use it at a 5 night star camp. With no mains power available I'm trying to work out how to recharge the lithium battery. My current thinking is a 12v leisure battery (about 110Ah) and a dc-dc converter. Does anybody have any experience of this problem or can offer some advice Thanks, Nikki
  9. Yes, they still meet at Eccleshill. Also have great fortnightly observing sessions near Baildon.
  10. Hi, I'm Nikki Long time armchair astronomer, decided to get my hands dirty about 6 months ago. Member of Bradford Astronomical Society. Started with Celestron Astromaster 130eq md. Now back in it's box. OTA is fine, hate the mount. Using old 10x50 binoculars, having fun. Saving for goto 8inch SCT
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