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  1. Thank You for the quick reply. I am glad I am heading in the right direction. I am trying my hand at Astro Imaging as I found taking a large heavy scope outside just for viewing a bit much after a while. I took a 6 year break and now just getting the bits togther. I should have my full setup here end of this week. Fingers crossed :)

  2. On 29/03/2019 at 10:56, knobby said:

    First attempt at any DSO other than the brighter stuff like M42 or Andromeda.

    Learning to use the AZ-Gti /Sharpcap polar align / windows synscan app / APT platesolving ... And guiding ! all in one night ?

    all went well so had a quick 30 mins on M51 (first time I'd ever managed to actually frame it ... Plate solving is amazing)

    90 second subs gain 420 and 5 darks and synthetic flat for dust bunnies / gradients

    Wish I'd have gone longer now as tried a 5 minute sub once guiding was working which looked good .

    Very noisy but only 30 mins .

    M51 28-3-19 35 mins.png

    Nice first try! Did you use dark, Bias and flat frames?

  3. On 01/03/2019 at 13:17, artem said:

    Hello PhobosPhil,

    If you have a GOOD TABLETT supporting the ASIAIR APP, then it works great, if your TABLETT is old any already slow. Then test the function with ASIAIR APP before you buy the ASIAIR. 

    I am amazed of ASIAIR and the support is also fine..  here is the LINK to ASI FORUM https://bbs.astronomy-imaging-camera.com/



    I hear they will be adding more support the the device via firmware updates when they get released too.

  4. Hi just wonderingt he best way of setting up an ASi1600mm pro cool a 8 wheel filter wheel and a aor130 mono guide camera on an eq6 pro.

    Can I connect the guide camera to the ASI 1600mm pro and forget the autoguider port to the mount by using ascom drivers instead?

    So the guide camera connects to the cmos camera. The filter wheel connects to the cmos usb socket on the camera?

    The USB 3.0 port on the Cmos connects to a 3.0 USB HUb along with the mount cable from the rj12 from the Synscan remote and then the hub to pc?

    Is that the correct way to set it up.


    Thanks in advance.








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