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  1. I will try and keep things simple as possible.

    I am trying to run Stellarium (Via Stellarium Scope) and APT together. I know you can't share com ports via Eqmod so I am trying to run via Acom Poth Hub.
    Question is where do I setup the poth Hub from? I am guessing I select Poth Hub from ascom setup or is it from Stellarium Scope or APT?

    Once I have Poth running do I use Poth Hub in all the programs or Generic Hub? I can not find alot on this on the forums or web. It's not clear.
    I have tried a few times but I seem to get crashes or errors.


    Kindest regards David



  2. err just cheked my Stellarium version is 0.13.2 I have auto updates on but I also have the message in about window of stellarium that updates can not be processed. I am going to download the latest version and start from scratch. Thank you for pointing me in the rigth direction without that I would have never found it. I will keep you posted!


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  3. 52 minutes ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:


    I have attached a short Word document showing what I had to set my settings in Stellarium to to get it to work with APT. I hope this can help you. I think I had a bit of an issue getting it to work in the beginning and to be honest maybe all these settings are not required but it is how mine is set up and it seems to work well now with APT.


    APT Connect to and communicate with Stellarium.docx 1.62 MB · 1 download

    Hi thanks for taking the time and trouble to post this. I am curently going through it now. 


    Just one thing I do not get a remote control plugin in Stellarium. I do however have a telescope control where i can change the otions as in these pictures.



    But under telescope control you can use this option. Is this correct? Default port on Stellarium is now 10002 but i have tried lots of different ones.



  4. When i am running Atro Photography Tools and I try and use the blind platesolve i get this error in the bottom left corner. 




    I also get this menu everytime i run it even though I went through all the steps it asked and it said it saved them. If I click on no it says solved but comes up as failed. If I click on yes i go through the process it asks me to do going tot he website and folowing all the instruction. It then says in future your setting will be automatic. But I get thsi menu again :( Can anyone help and point me in the right direction?



  5. Hi Steve

    Your right! Although to some people I didn't get far last night for me It was leaps and bounds When I saw that picture of Vega, although I just found out how to alter the histogram to get the proper darkness I was shocked an amazed on the quality of my first 10 second image. The important part is I got everything working as it should but still need to learn the softwares back to front and continue learning in a never ending process :) I enjoy learning new things and love the challenge on working most things out myself. I have shed loads of questions but try and focus only on my next step to try and not complex things too much. By being able to goto which part of the sky and focus a target I want, will let me start capturing and introduce the next step. I am not looking forward to post processing so much but thats another learning curve. I will have to deal with it when I have some decent data to work with :) 


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  6. 1 minute ago, teoria_del_big_bang said:

    I am very new to all this but I platesolve just like in the video using APT and has revolutionised my sessions so much quicker and so accurate. Usually after polar aligning I will slew to my target take a short image (20 secs or so) platesolve it and it will be out a little but but then click on Sync you then see Stellarium update its position. You can then slew to the exact position you want to image and away you go.


    Thank you Steve! I only see one problem when SGP and PHD2 are running you can not lock on to the com port with Stellarium as its being used and by pressing connected in Stellarium it does nothing. If i shut down SGP then it will connect. So I guess i align it in Stellarium first with APT?

  7. I am at the very start of my Astro Imaging exciting journey and made a fair bit of progress last night.

    It was my first full night out with my new Imaging setup.

    Firstly I connected all the leads and balanced my scope.
    Played for about 45 minutes with Sharpcap to get my focus and setting right for my guide camera Altair Aor130
    Succesfully Polar aligned another 1 hour (First time) :) Sharpcap showed it as Excellent within 00:00:10. (I nearly gave up)

    Run and setup PHD2 and Sequence Generator Pro with some help with setting off of youtube. Got my EFW 8 slot wheel working and mount control and Asi1600mm Pro.
    Spent 1.5 hours playing with it all to finally get it to work. Had a lot of problems with getting SGP to automatically starting PHD2 and guiding. Just said connecting constantly but fixed itself :)
    Added my Bahtinov mask and got HFR on my 10 second Lum frames between 0 and 3.0 (not sure this is good. Was around HFR 6.0 and 8.0 before Bahtinov focucing?)

    PHD2 Giuiding was smooth and was averaging 0.43 total less than 1 arc second. I have had my EQ6 Pro Modified.


    Tonight I will be out again as the skies look fantastic. But I need to align my scope to the stars.
    After Polar Aligning I tried to do a 1,2 and 3 star align on my Synscan controller but it always skewed the wrong way and I had to stop it twice as it got close to the tripod legs.
    I have the correct day, time, long and lat coords dialled in and daylight saving on.
    I was using ascom on my PC last night to control my scope from indoors.

    So the question is can I star align my scope another way after Polar alignment? If I used Astro Photography Tool and plate solved and then ran stellarium to fix the point as in this video would I be able to star align that way?   

    Regards David







  8. I was tempted to go with the asiair but being new to Astro Imaging but not Astronomy I thought I would get 3 or 4 months practise first off of my PC then maybe take the plunge. Idea situation would be if you could wifi it to the pc instead of a tablet or phone etc. It would be worth it just for that to get rid of all your cables back to the pc.

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