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  1. 19 hours ago, stash_old said:

    Please use the folder search facility to find any files starting "index-*" - exclude quotes. Then post the the directory structure for the file(s) on SGL - they should all be in the same directory.  You might get something like "C:\cygwin\usr\share\astrometry\data" but dont worry if its in another place.

    You may also have to tick "show hidden files" as they maybe under "APPDATA" which is normally hidden from users by default.

    I think I found them.



  2. 18 hours ago, stash_old said:

    Please use the folder search facility to find any files starting "index-*" - exclude quotes. Then post the the directory structure for the file(s) on SGL - they should all be in the same directory.  You might get something like "C:\cygwin\usr\share\astrometry\data" but dont worry if its in another place.

    You may also have to tick "show hidden files" as they maybe under "APPDATA" which is normally hidden from users by default.

    Thanks for that but search on my ? drive comes up with over 8000 results shall I sort by date and scroll backwards from newest?

  3. 15 hours ago, david_taurus83 said:

    Opposite Bulb, it says Exp:3. It's set to 3s exposures. Change that one to bulb and all will be sound.

    Hi thanks for the help I changed it to bulb and it does the same thing. Heres the screenshot.


    Problem still not solved.



  4. On 26/04/2019 at 10:11, stash_old said:

    Sorry for being blunt but making a statement "However sill doesn't work" does not help a lot to find the problem - How about some info - ASPS Log file for example and or screen print of any errors ? 

    Plus post the image you are trying to solve , Scope and Camera details so we may try and Platesolve the image ?


    Hi I already posted above the same error screenshot I was getting. I have looked int he platesolv directory and appdata directory and not found any .log files. I don't think it's creating one thats part of the problem unless you know where I can find it :)


    Here is a screenshot of the error again run as admininistrator.



  5. On 25/04/2019 at 08:03, artem said:

    Hi David,

    Try this with your ASPS.


    Try to RUN the ASPS as ADMINSTRATOR.. 


    Klick on ASPS ICON and then with your Mouse LEFT BUTTON and then RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and then try to solve the image you have. you need to perform this action only once, once SOLVING works and also the LOG-FILE

    is created, you can start to use ASPS normally " not as ADMIN "

    Try it please..

    And please do not forget to install the INDEX FILES for your FoV..

    Good luck






    Thanks for the advice but already tried that.

  6. 1 hour ago, stash_old said:

    You have got ASPS site location and time zone set up in the parameters ?

    Assuming you have set up the Indexes/FOV correctly what happens when you run ASPS by itself - NOT FROM APT - does it work -  Just browse for your image file  and click Platesolve button. A log is created

    Plus Windows permissions this will cause no end of problems - where did you put ASPS and the Index's ?

    Hi yes I have time and location set correctly.

    If I run ASPS alone it says unable to create log file error box.

    ASPS is installed to default location program files (x86) I have also tried installing it elsewhere. However when i first run it after installation it reports error that file needs to be elevated error.


    Picture here..




    Regards David

  7. I have also on top of this added SGP and that indeed connects to scope fine :)

    Problems I have still.


    1) Slew in APT using arrow keys is super slow not usable even if i change slew settings or even comes up with slew error!
    I don't really need this as I can use the ascom arrow keys on mode 4 which is set to 800 and works fine. However if I use goto in APT to a set location, Object or coordinate it slews perfect :)

    2) Blind plate solve will not work for me in APT (ASPS) but platesolve 2 does but needs rough coordinates to be able to solve.
    The are three ways I found around this.

    2a) Take RA and Dec off of Stellarium from target if synched.
    2b) upload a shoot picture in APT and upload it to Astrometry.net and get the results and add them to APT.
    3c) MY favourite way. Take a Capture of stars in APT open in SGP and blind solve (which works) and put coords in apt and normal solve.

    I have spent days trying to get ASPS working in APT. Extensive communication with author of program along with Admins on APT forums. They all gave up!
    I seem to have a .dll violation error that can't be fixed even by a reinstall. I have tried everything under the sun (forgive the pun) to get it to work. But open to suggestions.
    The actual error is log file can't be created..


    Kindest regards David

  8. Further progress. It seems some things need to be started in a certain order. Also running as admin on APT stops it from connecting :) Also running Stellarium Scope as admin won't connect after the first time always returns an error. Found this out by chance.

    1 Start up Eqascom Toolbox and selected and configured driver and connected. EQmod control panel shows and im able to slew, park and unpark etc.

    2 connect to APT and connect scope Success

    3 Startup Stellarium Scope and connect Success

    4 Star Stellarium all working Success.


    Now to check other stuff out :) Sometimes its good to take a break and come back next day with a fresh head.


    I appreciate all your inputs and help. It gave me the moral to continue trying things. I will post next find here...


  9. I have some progress. This is what I have achieved.

    1 Start up Eqascom Toolbox and selected and configured driver and connected. EQmod control panel shows and im able to slew, park and unpark etc.

    2 Start Stellarium Scope write config files and connect OK with my mount.

    3 Loaded up Stellarium and it slews to centered target with Ctrl+1 correctly.

    4 Load up APT and select scope but does not connect just says disconnected. if i go to properties my Eqmod config window opens fine and everything looks ok.


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  10. I have reinstalled everything. I have connected to my mount in pc mode on the remote via Eqmod in Stellarium Scope. When I try to connect to APT scope is just says disconnected and wont connect. Choosing same driver as in Stellarium scope.


    I can either connect to stellariumscope or APT but not both at the same time.

  11. 3 hours ago, artem said:

    And David,

    Yoi did also write " ASPS " does not work or solve ?

    From yoir profile, I see that you indicate to have " TS-Optics Photoline 107mm f/6.5 Triplet FPL53 APO with 3" Dual Speed Rack & Pinion CNC Focuser  + ZWO ASI1600MM-PRO COOLED Deep Sky Imaging Camera "

    And when you insert the specfications of your telescop + CCD in ASPS; you will see hat you need to install the iNDEXES highlighted as yellow..

    Once you did install those, then plate solving should work " if you use a picture taken with the setup you have "

    It works for me, every time I solve an Image I did take with my setup. ( FOV ) and I only use ASPS..

    Good liuck




    I get log file can't be created spent 3 days on that also with the author and APT admin they both gave up. Something to do with access violation to .dll files. I can still use the platesolve 2 though and use SGP and upload the picture there and blind solve to get the RA dec to input back in APT to non blind solve :)

    I will let you know when I get it all connected again. Have an old friend visiting :)


    Thank you for all your expertise and patience.


    Regards David

  12. 5 minutes ago, artem said:

    OK.. do y system reboot..

    The best would be if you just read the documentations from EQMOD and APT and STELLARIUM SCOPE..

    I know, it is not easy.. but all details you need are available online..



    Hi thanks for the help. I need to get other things done now. I can't no longer connect to Stellarium Scope no idea why. I tried to connect yesterday between apt and stellarium scope it would not allow 2 connections. I will try and sort this a bit later have a good afternoon :)


    Regards David

  13. OK i disconnected APT completely and shut program down.

    Now i can't not connect to Stellarium Scope via eqmod which was working this morning. I get a window but not responding maybe something in my ascom settings.


    I could always connect via eqmod to either APT or Stellarium scope but never both at once. Now I can not connect to Stell Scope at all. I have deleted .ini files ran and closed Stellarium etc.


    image.thumb.png.2618f92becc7e803f1eb8f024c6e9edd.pngI could connect



  14. When i try and connect stellarium scope and choose the same option , I clicked on properties and the ascom setting window came up which is all fine and pressed ok then when i try and connect I get this message. I have tried it unparked too. This is where i got to yesterday.



  15. 3 minutes ago, artem said:

    Hi David,


    Well, if that is what is stated in your drop down list  Ascom Heq5/6, then YES..



    Try to connect and see if connection takes place between APT and your MOUNT.



    I have about 12 options thats the only one i can see makes sense.

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  16. OK i connected APT via the EQmod Ascom Heq5/6 option and the ascom window comes up scope parks and unparks fine etc and slew on direction buttons work fine.

    However if I use the arrows to slew in APT its really slow like rate 1 on handset or less. This was one of the problems i was getting before :)

    Thanks and appreciated for the help :)

  17. Hi Artem


    Okay I understand that but still not clear to me. When I go into APT and choose scope by clicking Shift+scope what should i exactly select? I am using an eq6 Pro older type?


    Just tried it with eq5/eq6 eqmod and didnt work on stellarium connection. I have pc direct mode on too via the handset for eqmod.

    I have been working on this for 3 days solid now this is not the only problem I have. I was using the skywatcher mode perfect without pc direct mode on except it wouldn't slew in apt fast enough. Even though I changed the slew settings in apt to 800 on minutes and seconds. Also using this mode would allow me to show sky from apt on stellarium it would not slew on stellarium.

  18. Hi and thank you for the detailed description.


    I am still a bit lost how do I setup Poth from where? I have tried to go into ascom diagnostics and setup poth hub from there but it loads up eqmod window and it disappears again. I get the bit about the applications just running poth hub from them.


    Could you give me a numbered rundown on what to do?


    Kindest regards David

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