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  1. Is the Nikon Nikkor 55-200mm f/3.5-5.6 II a good lens for astrophotography? I plan on using the Nikon D5300 with it and I wanted to know if the 55-200 would be a good lens for photographing DSOs. Does anyone use this lens and if so, may I see some images taken with it? I can't seem to find images on Astrobin. Also, is it possible to photograph DSOs (M42, Rosette, Flaming star, M45 etc.) from a bortle 7 sky with the 55-200mm? Clear skies, LR
  2. Soooo.... Since you guys are really smashing the praise button on the Canon EOS 6D, I might as well get the 6D as it is relatively new compared to the 5D Mark II. But then the thing is, I really can't find someone who sells a second hand Canon EOS 6D at a price of <450$ (45,000 Yens). Could someone give me a link of someone selling a used 6D at the aforementioned price? It means a lot to me if you do, as my brain is already starting to hurt from all the back and forth i've been doing between AP gear. Clear skies, LR
  3. Thanks for the reply, Alacant. I chose the 5D as it is relatively inexpensive while also having some astounding pictures on Astrobin. However, taking your advice, I might just change ny mind and purchase the 6D Mk I. Thanks, Leon.
  4. I’m hesitant about choosing the T3i as I’ve read negative reviews of its censor and how it apparently is “shoddy.”
  5. I’m looking to do Milky Way Astrophotography, and I’m hesitating on whether I purchase the Full Frame camera that is the 5D Mark II or the APS-C EOS 600D. I plan on using the Rokinon/Samyang 14mm F/2.8 wide angle lens, although I’m open to suggestions so long as said suggested lens is under 500$. The mount I use will be the iOptron SkyGuider Pro with the counter weight supplies in the set. If there is an alternative to the cameras listed above that goes for less then 400$, I’m willing to hear it. Thanks a bundle, Leon
  6. I cannot agree more, Daemon! Have a nice stargazing session, Leon
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the flattener! Anyhow, thanks you so much for the quick reply, it helps a lot! Since I haven't gotten the Canon 600D yet, do you think now would be a good time to change my opinion? A used 600D over here is only 160$, and I'm trying not to go beyond 250$. Clear skies, Leon.
  8. For Deep-Sky AP of mostly galaxies (and nebulae), what'll give me the best results– a medium-weight 130 P-DS or a very lightweight wide-field WO Z61? I know the "best" telescope is one that doesn't just collect dust all day long, but I just can't figure it out. Supporting said telescope will be the SW HEQ5 PRO Synscan (with the Rowan Astronomy belt attached), which will be supported further by a autoguiding system, possibly a very lightweight CF 32mm refractor with a ZWO ASI 120mm Mini (Can't find the -S model in Japan). On the telescope'll be the Canon EOS 600D, quite a heavy beast IMO.
  9. That thing is quite a heavy beast! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it!
  10. Everyone, thank you so so much for all your lovely replies! Just to clear things up, I’ll be using a Canon T3i (I know a CMOS Colour is better but alas). The Mak I’ll probably use for solely the photography of planets, and of course, the visual observation of planets like Saturn. Also, Vlaiv is right— I can’t find a focal reducer for the a Mak. Anyways, other than the Skymax, what’s another good alternative that’ll feed my hunger for viewing planets? Much love, Leon.
  11. hm, I see! The Skymax DOES please me, only problem being that the EPs it takes are 1.25" ones...
  12. Yup! You actually might be right– I was just reading about AVX mounts and after you mentioned the years, I realised that yes, not many people have posted problems about the AVX in '19! If ever you unfortunately encounter a problem, you should just try asking the shop you bought it from to repair it or give you a new one, OR you could try –in the most extreme cases– asking Celestron for a new one, etc.. I'm really not sure tho. Have a wonderful day, Leon. P.S. The AVX is extremely good looking, isn't it?
  13. By no means do I intend to discourage you, but after hearing quite a load of horror stories, I fear that you might encounter a problem like many have, too! However, I've heard of people that use the AVX and saying it works like a breeze! As for learning how to use GOTO mounts, I'm rather not sure, as I've yet to own one myself; however, I do believe that the AVX is not that much different from your previous LX70– they're both Equatorials, only difference being that the AVX has 2 built-in motors and a GOTO. Enjoy your AVX, Leon.
  14. WAIT WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH, THE BLOODY HELL? 9000 ON A DOBSONIAN? NO THANKS! sorry if that was disrespectful.
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