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  1. Had a look at these journals. They are amazing !! Packed full of readable astrophysics with gorgeous informative diagrams. Great find.
  2. Here's a sample of mine. Written at EP so a wee tad rough. I find note taking and a few sketchs help slow the pace of observing. The buzz word at the moment is 'mindfulness'. Been doing that for years.
  3. Fixed !!! Was the 'Custom Type' Many Thanks.
  4. Hello folks. (Probably one for Alex, DSO dev) I have recently downloaded the GCVS4 catalog and have imported it into DSO Planner as a user database. (As per Alex's guidance on a previous post). I can see the database listed and a long press lists its contents. However, when I attempt to use 'Object Selection' and set this database as my source I am not getting any results listed after pressing 'update'. I can successfully build a list from the other Star catalogs that came pre-installed. Using DSO Planner Plus. Cheers
  5. Hello Binocular Sky, great list and some fantastic targets for my new Stellar 15x70’s. Do you have this list available as a CSV file for direct import into an observation list? Thanks.
  6. Hi Alex DSO planner question. I've impoted my list Ok and have set the star chart to display only the objects on the list. Hovever when I adjust for visible magnitude for my location I am not seeing any futher update on the star chart. All the DSO's remain on the chart even when the limiting naked eye mag is set to 3.
  7. That's a beautiful sketch. NGC 2251 goes on my 'Grand Tour' list. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Lovely. Something so vast yet so simplicity beautiful.
  9. https://www.librariesni.org.uk/eMagazines/Pages/default.aspx For Library users in NI. Access to all content on-line irrespective of which physical library you actually visit.
  10. Mercury transit was awesome. Really brought home the size of our Sun. Very relaxing, feeling chilled out now.
  11. Having used DSO Planner for a few days I'm really getting to like it. Needs a bit of reading up on but its very good. I now prefer DSO at the eyepiece. However the free version of SS seems to incorporate a few more catalogs missing in DSO. There's a few Carbon Stars listed on the PDF not transferred to the CSV as DSO didn't list them. Will still need SS to track those down. (Edit: though I suppose stars are not specifically DSO objects, which DSO Planner is actually about)
  12. I've put together my own 'Grand Tour' pdf. Uploading it here for your perusal. There's also a CSV file. Should be fully compatible with DSO Planner, not sure about Sky Safari as I use the free version. Astro Targets V7.pdf My Objects.csv
  13. Love it !!! Boom !!! 'Tank Fist'. I love the German language, beautifully descriptive. Danke.
  14. On my list. Apparently can be seen with Bino's from a dark site. Will try my 15x70's on it. Cheers.
  15. Do the Ethos give good sharpness to the edge of field? What has been the most memorable target you've observed with the Ethos.
  16. Hi Marvin What aperture scope are you using? Ta.
  17. Alexk, you are obviously very passionate about DSO Planner. I will try it again and attempt to master some of its functions.
  18. Was not aware of Skytools. I have also used Stellarium which is very good too. Is DSO the android version of Skytools then.
  19. I prefer Sky Safari. The star chart is great and really helps me locate faint objects. I love all the information included about each object you are observing. It's like having an astronomical encyclopedia at the eyepiece. I can be looking at a galaxy, globular cluster etc, one tap on its info brings up a detailed description of the object. It really helps me appreciate what I am seeing (Which is usually just a faint smudge). I tried DSO but its very very complicated
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