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  1. Hi, I bought this item by mistake from a seller in the states as I thought it was for the rasa 8. This is not the rasa version but the hyperstar version with a female m48 on one side and male m42 on the other side. Having paid customs on this and considering cost of posting back to the US for a refund, I thought I would list here in case someone wants one. The link to the actual item is: Starizona filter complete system Pics attached as well. Asking for £95 + postage (calculated as £139 x 0.7, rounded down). Many thanks.
  2. I think £1000. I had to read it twice as well as it looks like they got a bargain from FLO at £1000 from first reading
  3. Hi @oymd - just wanted to say thank you for this write up. I was able to align subs taken from different telescopes and cameras and process them after. Couldn't find out how to do this with any other software and PI was confusing to follow. So your guide was really helpful!
  4. I thought I would ask here instead of new topic - what is the ideal setup for dual rig with 1 set of LRGB HaSiiOii? I can't afford to double up on some of the narrowband filters so checking how to maximise with 1 set. Current thinking is: Telescope 1 - RGB Sii Oiii Telescope 2 - LHa Thanks, Mo
  5. I will be selling my set of 36mm Baader 7nm narrowband filters once I have received and tested my order for 3.5nm filters. Placed order more than a month ago and told stock coming this week! I suspect the delay in filters from suppliers also means used market for 36mm filters has stalled too.
  6. Great price! Wish I had seen this 3 weeks ago! Sure it will sell fast
  7. Really appreciate the discussion and I am learning so much - thanks all! At the moment, my planned setup (and I welcome comments/feedback!) is shown below. The resolution range is between 1.4-1.6 per pixel and so hoping the scale is close enough to not notice the difference once combined and processed. I have read that Pixinsight can register and stack subs from different telescopes like this but not had the chance to test this. Is that true or would I need Registrar?
  8. Thank you! That is good to know that it works. No one on the Altair Facebook group responded so assumed it wouldn't work.
  9. I did the same but forgot to add in the weight for 2 cmos cameras, 2 EFW and the Skywatcher finderscope saddle is not light! But everything is solid and symmetrical so hopefully easier to balance. I am still waiting on my 1600mm order to get the dual rig working. No clear nights has helped with the wait
  10. That is great to hear. I am sure balancing will be interesting but I intend to keep things in place once setup so hopefully works out long term.
  11. Yes, the one linked to below but from a couple of years ago. I have the 1x Planostar flattener with it. https://www.altairastro.com/altair-wave-series-80mm-f6-super-ed-triplet-apo-2019-457-p.asp
  12. @carastro Just wanted to check if you had any issues with weight with your setup? I have most parts I need but realise now my total weight once all setup would be 11kg. I haven't gone past half way for my HEQ5 Pro before so wondering if I need to reduce the weight or it would be OK? I normally do 60sec subs and not sure if I need to reduce that or OK to go longer subs if needed in the future? Thanks
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