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  1. Hi, Looking for either camera in mono and cooled please. Would prefer ASI but let me know what you have. Thanks, Mo
  2. That's one way to combine your chores with your hobby
  3. I hear that! I learnt the same with my canon and doing flats. Worked well for a bit, then flats stopped until I figured out why after weeks of trial and error. Frustrating but when it all works, very addictive!
  4. Thanks Olly. I assumed people would prefer the raw masters to check but will do JPEGs going forward. Good to know regarding dark flats instead of bias as I come from Canon which worked fine with bias. I have tried the stack with dark flats and no luck. I am planning to do a clean capture session starting over just to make sure I haven't missed anything. Does anyone here have the Altair 1600m and can help with what settings they use? Would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks
  5. Marmo720

    Dew Heaters

    Hey, Please find attached pictures. I just noticed it has slight cut in the belt clip (shown in image) from where I attached it to eye piece tray. It has no impact on the device or the belt clip but showing here for full disclosure. I bought this at Astrofest at the end of Jan this year and the seller website is www.dewcontrol.com. I was hoping for £50 but will do £45 including postage. Does that work for you? Thanks
  6. Marmo720

    Dew Heaters

    Of course. I will get the pics loaded tomorrow. Can also recommend W&W for the straps. I bought them together at the end of Jan this year and work perfectly.
  7. Marmo720

    Dew Heaters

    Hi, Are you looking for the controller and/or straps? I have a 4 channel controller I will be selling as I now have the Pegasus powerbox that has a dew controller already. Won't be selling the straps though. Let me know if interested and I can send pics. Thanks
  8. Below link for the master files if that is useful. Is the master dark ok? https://we.tl/t-XG1Jmo2rMZ?src=dnl
  9. Yes, thought that might be issue so I will retake a new set of bias, darks and dark flats today before the rains come in and see if that makes a difference. The M51 data I attached are from clear night without clouds.
  10. Thank you for the response. Happy to know it isn't something specific to my setup - gives me hope I have attached the same data but without flats (with darks + bias), and without darks (with flats + bias), and lights only (no calibration). I do have some Ha data from tonight and will do same with that to see what the results look like. How do you overcome this issue with your camera? What settings do you use for gain, offset, ADU for flats? Thanks again!
  11. Hi all, I have made the jump to mono with altair hypercam 1600m, combined with 36mm filters and ZWO 7 EFW. I have the train setup to the spacing given for the altair 1x flattener on my Wave 80 ED. To the best of my ability anyway... The link below shows a DSS stack of: 60 x 60 sec lumi at gain 500 50 x 60 sec darks 58 x 0.3sec bias 50 x flats at 2000 ADU All are at -15 deg. The camera is 12 bit and I thought 50% would be 2000 ADU. Equivalent to about 30K on a 16 bit camera. I have tried half the number of flats. I have tried ADU ranging from 800 to 2000. All give me very similar results to the below image. Stuck for what to do so appreciate any advice. https://we.tl/t-pA4rzIxaMb?src=dnl
  12. Thanks Peter. I just realised my original post didn't specify that I was interested in the portable version or similar as that would fit my budget and needs. Will PM tomorrow to ask about the ultimate though as it is a good offer. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I am looking for a portable power distribution box. Anyone have a pegasus or hitecastro equivalent for sale? Or has anyone used the one being sold on ABS for £35 and would recommend it? Many thanks, Mo
  14. As always, thanks for the advise Roland I have gone for the Altair hypercam. Hoping for clear skies!
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