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  1. Thank you for sharing. It is interesting to see the huge difference stacking makes. For the min LP, is that from using a LP filter (which?) or post-processing?
  2. That would be great. No rush though. I just wanted to see what to expect from my own images pre-stacking/processing
  3. Very nice! I prefer the 4th/5th pictures although the 5th has a slight dark halo around the galaxy? Really nice images either way. Would you mind sending me one x30 sec sub when you are free so I can see what one sub looks like before stacking? I got all my equipment setup for the first time this weekend and as soon as I was ready to image - the entire sky was cloudy After I packed everything up and made a brew, the sky was completely clear. Didn't have the energy to setup again. Try again this weekend!
  4. Ah must have been fun though. Once you start looking at the Universe, nothing else can compares right?
  5. It really is. Kind of wish I carried on with mine but it was almost impossible with full time job. Good luck to your kid with the Minecraft channel. It is good way to build focus with them I think.
  6. Yep, it was incredible. It didn't have a mount so my two brothers had to hold it steady and point at Saturn. Brotherhood right there ? At least mine had lenses I think Haha
  7. Ah yes you are right. Forgot it didn't come with mount. Will subscribe to your channel. I had one for gaming a few years ago. Takes a lot of effort to keep focus and keep at it. Gave up once I got a job that paid! Hopefully you can keep going.
  8. Lol. I wouldn't rule that one out. I was loaned a similar scope from my school when in my teens and I could see Saturn. Mind blown!!
  9. Very nice. I went neck deep without actually doing any observing/imaging. Bought HEQ5 Pro, got camera, now shopping for scopes. Blame @RolandKol ? As far as midlife crisis goes, it was between astronomy or paragliding. Missus seems happy with astronomy so paragliding has been postponed to next year! What is your next target?
  10. How about the Skywatcher 130P-DS? I think it comes with adaptors for visual observing and can be used for astro-photography if that is required in the future. Would also be good to get into collimation with this scope as something to be aware of. As someone just coming back to the hobby, I think the 130P-DS holds a lot of value and would be good to know more about. Do you have a link to your youtube channel?
  11. Will do I am slowly building boxes in my flat - much to the annoyance of my other half. Luckily, the remaining boxes are small enough to hide away when I get them ? Also, I checked your website. Very touching and amazing journey for you and family. All the best from me.
  12. Besides the extensive knowledge of people in this forum, that website has been my go to for calculations. They also have a CCD calculator that can narrow the type of camera/telescope combo you are going for. For my current camera, I am limited to certain focal length telescopes which rule out the ultra wide sub 80mm ED (I wanted the WO Z61/73!). Credit to @carastro for notifying me of the camera/telescope combo requirements. Saved me a bit of cash and headaches.
  13. Nice setup and lovely image. I look forward to seeing more I am building my setup now and it will be similar so nice to see what can be achieved.
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum @carballada That is an impressive setup. Looking forward to seeing your images. Will check your astrobin too
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