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  1. Been watching plenty of YouTube videos on this and have it straight in my head. Just need some clear nights to get out and practice now.
  2. Still learning polar alignment (only just got it) but I would've aligned the telescope/mount with the red dot finder I have. The point about the wind is a good one. Especially as where I live is quite open. Yeah, definitely a steep learning curve! Thanks for the advice. It's appreciated. Will make use of these cloudy nights by trying to soak up as much info as I can. Cheers Graeme
  3. Thanks for the replies. Some food for thought. I'm comfortable making things but electronics are a bit of a dark art to me. Was hoping to steer away from stepper motors but guess I need to do some research on them. One more question (sorry) I have a EQ2 mount with a Skywatcher 130 on it. If I bought a Skywatcher motor for it and piggybacked the DSLR on this do you have any idea if this would be more or less accurate than a barn door tracker? My thinking is if it's as accurate I've got the motor to help with viewing too. Thanks Graeme
  4. Yes. A curved rod. M6 bolt which requires to be turned at 1rpm. Can I ask what motor you used and is it a controlled stepper motor or just a straightforward 1rpm motor? Thanks Graeme
  5. Brilliant, thanks for that link happy-kat! Am at work but will have a read through that later. ?
  6. Thanks for that. Can you remember if it was built the same then? So it just closed east to west instead of opening east to west? What I'm trying to ask (and possibly not making a good job of it) is will the tracker I've built work if I have the hinge on the right, or do I have to somehow change bits on it to make it work this way? Graeme
  7. Reason I ask is that to open (or lift the door, camera and lens) will take a decent motor with some torque. But if it's closing its effectively coming down under its own weight, so surely a motor out of a clock (with gearing to make from 12 hr to 24hr) would suffice? Am trying to keep things as cheap and simple as possible. Graeme
  8. Have built myself a barn door tracker that I was thinking of making motorized. It seems the way to go is an Arduino using a stepper motor is the usual thing to do. All the things I've read say hinge on the left and the door opens. My question is if the hinge is on the right and the door closes does it still work exactly the same? I'm guessing yes but a bit unsure. Cheers Graeme
  9. Am after a little advice please. I've only recently decided to dip my toe into this hobby and whilst saving for a telescope I built a barn door tracker. At 50mm I could manually get 20 seconds consistently. I was looking round for a motor when a Skywatcher 130 on an eq2 mount fell into my lap. Have decided to get the motor drive for this as I'll be viewing with the kids. My question is; if I piggy back a DSLR on top of the scope with the motor drive how long an exposure could I expect at 50 - 100mm? Thanks in advance. Graeme
  10. g-rex

    Hi from Leeds

    So it seems not only have I induced clouds but gale force winds. I'll close the door on my way out shall I?
  11. g-rex

    Hi from Leeds

    That's brilliant. The reviews even more so ?
  12. g-rex

    Hi from Leeds

    Thanks for that John. Not even thought about solar viewing. Yet more to read up on!
  13. g-rex

    Hi from Leeds

    Thanks for the welcome. Picking it up tomorrow hopefully but I think I've got plenty of reading forums and watching YouTube to keep me going if still cloudy. Definitely have to try and walk before I can run by the looks of it.
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