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  1. I've decided to start guiding on my 130pds but am unsure as to which guider scope would be suitable. Looked at some 50mm ones but was wondering if 30mm would be okay as it would mean quite a weight saving. Thanks.
  2. Brillant. That's a 50mm guide so I know what size i need. Thanks for the links, had seen the T7 recently and wondered about that. Thanks.
  3. Morning people. With this being all about the 130 PDS I thought this may be the best place to ask this question. I'm using a 130pds on a belt modded exos 2 (eq5). I'm thinking of starting to acquire the bits for guiding and wondered what length guide scope would suit best? Am on a tight budget too so any links to cheap items would be greatly appreciated .
  4. Depending how handy you are, have a look at the Onstep Goto. The only negative is you have to build it yourself. Mainly soldering. I got a kit of all the components and got the rest from eBay. All in its cost me about £100. A lot cheaper than a manufacturer's Goto, and the big plus is it's transferable to different mounts. I had it on my eq3-2 originally but now it's on my eq5. Works brilliantly. Just another option.
  5. I'd like to second Stub Mandrels post. Yes, to do consistently good AP you need a good, expensive mount first. But not everybody (myself included has the pockets for that). That doesn't mean you can't do AP. It just means you have a steep learning curve and need to work at it. You also need to lower your expectations of what your final images will look like. But you CAN image on less. I have a used eq3-2 mount. I've had some reasonable (in my eyes) results. Other nights I've spent 3 hours learning what not to do with nothing to show for it. But I'm having fun, and when I can afford that Heq5 then I'll have already made all my mistakes, I hope. Buy what you can afford, learn and have fun is my advice.
  6. Am wanting to upgrade my eq3-2. Don't want/need a Goto. Hoping someone may have one sat not being used. Needs to be in or around Yorkshire area. Thanks Graeme
  7. A few images from my setup. Eq3-2 now equipped with Onstep Goto Skywatcher 130pds Nikon D3100 M51, M13 and the moon. Still getting to grips with processing but having loads of fun learning
  8. I have just this week finished my Onstep build for my eq3-2. I believe it's a fantastic bit of kit which is way, way cheaper than Skywatchers own upgrade with the added benefit of being able to transfer it to my next mount when I can afford one. As to guiding, well I don't guide but people on the Onstep forum do. My understanding is that guiding isn't done through Onstep but through PHD. Your best bet would be to ask on their forum. Hope this helps.
  9. So I ended up getting the 130 PDS as it was all I could afford. Not had much chance to play with it yet due to the clouds but managed this first time out. Was happy and looking forward to steadily improving.
  10. I really appreciate your post but I have to admit (and this is my fault not yours) still feeling a little lost with it. Which I suspect means I'm probably not ready to go down this particular avenue without a lot more reading up. I liked this idea as I like the idea of the odd DIY bit here and there (or as the wife calls it, faffing). Have made a couple of barn door trackers etc but the whole Arduino/stepper motor bit stopped me on those also. I guess I was hoping a kit that I could fit that would be a lot cheaper than the Skywatcher kit was what I may find. I know I have but at this minute it's a bit beyond me. Thanks for your replies though. It certainly gives me food for thought.
  11. I'll have a look at both of those thanks. Lenscap, could you please just give me an idea of what I'd need then? Did you do the ST4 port conversion on the controller? Is it simply, New motors Adding a port to hand controller Cable to onstep controller then to laptop.? Is that everything? Cheers.
  12. I have an eq3-2 with the dual axis motors. I've recently seen a post where owners have soldered a ST4 port to the handset (shoestring astronomy) and have then been able to guide and use as a Goto. I understand the motors would need to changed to make slewing not take ages, but I get stuck as to the connection and software requirements for the mount. I've seen eqmod and various other software and parts mentioned on various sites and my mind is pretty much scrambled with it all and it has left me pretty much confused. I'd be extremely grateful if someone has experience of this if they could explain what I would need and why in a straightforward way? Many thanks in advance.
  13. That's great advice! Thanks, I'll have a look at it
  14. I have this same issue with my eq3-2. If you ever find the answer please let us know!
  15. I've never been one to shy away from DIY, especially if it saves money! Thank you all for the help. I've done a few sessions with the light weight so am definitely going to swap to the heavier one and see how it goes.
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