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  1. Just seen a beauty about 15 mins ago... At about 23:43 there was a moderate short meteor heading SW then seconds after a long beaut with intense train heading NE!!! They were the only 2 I saw mind you in 30 mins. Talk about buses
  2. I've seen this telescope on ebay. 1400-150 Seben 6" Telescope with Automatic Motor Drive on eBay (end time 06-Mar-10 08:34:11 GMT) Can anyone tell me if it's worth 200 smackers? (I know that's pretty hard with out looking through it )
  3. Spock

    Hi everyone

    Cheers everyone, For the people asking where in the North East - Newcastle. I quite like the sound of these Iridium Flares. They must be quite rare otherwise they would surely catch your eye all the time. Can you predict where and when they will happen? I can track the Iridium Satellites, but isn't it something to do with the angle they need to be at? Good point also about Saturn's rings, hope it's not too long before they're back in a good position. I also remember seeing Jupiter's spot and moons when I was younger. Hopefully Jupiter will come out again soon...
  4. Spock

    Hi everyone

    Hi, I'm a 28 year old from the North East of England. I've recently got back into star gazing after getting an Iphone believe it or not! I'm not sure if anyone has got the goskywatch app but it allows you to point your phone at the sky and it tells you what you're looking at! I used to love looking up into the sky when I was younger, but I may have been spoilt by the quality of my dad's telescope. I've gone out and bought the Celestron Firstscope from Argos and I can't see Saturn's rings, so I feel a bit hard done by! Can anyone recommend a decent telescope for under £100? I'm also quite into satellite watching, not sure how popular this but I quite enjoy for some weird reason! I went out tonight and within 2 minutes I'd seen a shooting star and two satellites so quite happy. The icing on the cake was at 20:09 when looking at Mars, a satellite passed by it and it was picked up by the first scope! Interestingly no satellite was predicted at that time on the net. Maybe it was an astronaut’s glove
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