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  1. I'd agree, unless you have a mega money mount as such the setting circles are basically a nice gimmick, although do find time to understand the principles of them as they are facinating. As for the polar align, it really depends on how far you need to go, are you intending major astrophotography work, or is it just the ideal of setting up the polar scope. Do make sure you have the N (North leg) of the mount pointing north as well. If it is just a case of aligning generally with the north star then loosen the bolts as such that raise and lower the mount and turn her side to side, center the pol
  2. I have recently bagged myself a Sony A6000L camera, beautiful thing she is too. I am just looking to see if anyone has had any imaging nights with this camera at all? I am going to get hold of a T-mount for an e-fit and give her a go at the moon etc. Would be very interested in any feedback. Thanks all and dark skys.
  3. Hi all I am using Astroplanner v2, my big issue is that I need help, I need to add information as to what my viewing ability is. At the moment I am creating plans that are in some instances placing me below ground level, so somehow I need to raise the number. I loose around 10 degrees due to trees etc, can anyone point me into the right setting box please. Thank you.
  4. I may (big may) have seen it without really knowing it. I got my CPC800 perfectly tracking one day when I knew it would be around, I jaunted backwards and forwards ensuring everything I asked for appeared in the center of the eyepiece and then told it to go to Pluto. As has been mentioned, there is a lot else as well, but I still slightly give myself the opinion I saw it, although never being 100 per cent sure I never logged it. But it's the thought that counts.
  5. Just a question please to do with a photograph someone posted on my facebook page. Would anyone have any idea what is in the night sky in this pic, I don't know if it is north or sough, but it has intrigued me. Thanks all.
  6. When I owned a light mount I decided to take (if this is possible on yours) the rubber stoppers off the tripod legs and I filled the legs with sharp sand and loads of little stones, it did quite a reasonable job, along with as has been mentioned adding a bottle of water underneath the mount, you may just get it stable enough for now.
  7. I always found it easier when they just put Two dots next to each other on a balloon and then blew it up showing how two close dots then move apart, Then I realised, when you blow up a balloon, it takes up space around it, it does not stay within a boundary, hence I can see the issue of a flat universe. But I am utterly baffled and thanks all for such an interesting read.
  8. Just reading a thread on Lasers and it had me dragging out the photo albums to a picture I took of the London O2 arena at night and in the background the Laser coming from the Royal observatory at Greenwich. Just a touch of the old with a touch of the new.
  9. They certainly are a beautiful scope, I have had Two now, the first one I sold a few years ago, went all technical with a German mount and Newt, then basically missed my CPC so I sold up what I had and went back to the CPC. The ease of set up and the ease of the scope just does it for me. I use the Starsense on mine, ok it is a bit of a pricy gimmick, but I love watching it move around the sky doing it all for me as I do other things. I also changed the focuser to a 1/10, I was never a fan of the original focuser as it seemed too chunky to me for good precise focusing. With the right eyepieces
  10. Hi all I have an issue at the moment where I need some assistance trying to work something out. Although the CPC800 is reasonable to carry outside to place on the mount, a recent stomach op is basically making this rather painful and it will not get better. I am looking at the possibility of placing a wheel on each of the tripod legs that I can lower to move the whole rig outside, then have the ability to lift the wheels once out so the mount then becomes stable. Has anyone anything they use for the same principle? or is there a mechanical engineer out there who could advise on an adaption I c
  11. No I don't blame you, twas not offensive as such, just gave me a giggle as i watch the clouds roll in again.
  12. Seeing as the weather is being a right pain at the moment I decided to just sit earlier and go through the Asteroid list. Seriously, who calls an Asteroid ( begins with an F and ends in a Y)" there is no way on earth I could keep a straight face telling anyone i'd been up all night looking for ( begins with an F and ends in a Y). I am still chuckling, and even the wife tutted.
  13. Lol, seriously, the ape bit made me chuckle. Fear not, I was out one night viewing the moon as well funny enough when I saw this huge winged creature come flying down towards me, I jumped backwards and was intrigued when there was nothing there, the eyes can play some fantastic tricks. My main one now are Bats, I get loads of the things whizzing around me, and a couple of nights ago I could hear rustling in the bushes near me, as soon as it was time to go inside I turned the main light on and around on the ground were 5 frogs. I think astronomy is attracting a new audience.
  14. Chinese lantern for sure, if you slow motion the video you can see the change in flame light, certainly not the ISS, the ISS however fast is a white constant light and at the altitude she is her speed would be seen slightly slower than what is in the video as the wind is carrying this along.
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