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  1. Thanks for the advice again. I shall leave the Barlow to one side for now and just play with the lenses Do you think ill get a good view of the Orion Nebula with my 9mm lens or is it best to use the 15mm? Not really sure what lenses I should buy. I was looking at getting a 4mm as well. Thanks again for all the help. Being at the start of my astronomy journey is daunting haha
  2. Might buy this for my celestron 130eq ?
  3. Thanks @mikeyj1 really good tips there, really appreciate it I thought using the 9mm with the 2x Barlow was going to be my best chance at viewing planets, nebula etc. I have a lot to learn it would seem lol
  4. Thanks for the advice @Philip R really appreciate it and thanks for the warm welcome ? Viewing the Orion nebula/ Pleiades, any recommendations on which of my lenses to use and if I should use the Barlow? I was planning on buying some more lenses as well, any advice on sizes for best viewing etc.
  5. Hey everyone, I was hoping for some advice on my new scope and its capabilities. I really want to view the planets, nebula etc. I have a Celestron 130EQ MD Newtonian Reflector - Aperture 130m (5.11") Focal Length 650mm (25.6") I have a 2x barlow and 9mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm lens. Any recommendations or advice would be amazing.
  6. Well that makes me feel better haha. I wasnt sure what i was doing wrong. As a more seasoned star gazer do you think my scope is decent for planetary viewing, nebula etc?
  7. Hey everyone, I got a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ MD - 130mm Newtonian reflector scope. My lenses - 20mm, 15mm, 10mm, 9mm and a 2x barlow. I have just tried to view mars with my 9mm and 2x barlow and it was just a tiny red star. Couldnt even see a shape. Am I missing something, or is my scope not powerful enough to view mars? Any help or advice anyone can give this newbie would be amazing:) Thanks all.
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