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  1. Just had it happen to my 294MM. The new ASI studio allows you to go back to bin2 and get back at the original resolution but SharpCap which I use doesn't so I have to remake my darks. No biggie really but it'd be nice to have a way to switch it back, Anyone found one? https://www.facebook.com/groups/zwoasiusers/permalink/1286565121702533/
  2. Thanks guys, you've all confirmed my thoughts that I need to get it gusseted, I was hoping there'd be an quick fix but like everything in life there are no shortcuts only getting it done right! I'll get that it welded up and let you know how it goes.
  3. It's a solid floor. There was an existing shed I converted to roll off. I've put cushioned flooring down and not too worried about the vibrations when I'm moving around, as I say that's infrequent enough not to bother me. But I want to damp out any vibrations that may occur. The whole system seems quite resonant at the moment and I'd like to damp it
  4. So I've swappped scopes sat on my home made pier and mounted up my new 14" Netwonian for the first time. The pier is hollow steel bolted to the floor and filled with kiln dried sand. I had my RASA11 mounted before and it was reasonably solid but I noticed today that the newt shook a fair bit after I manually moved it and the vibrations took a second or two to fully die down. I don't know if it's always been present and the extra mass (about another 15Kg) or the length of the scope that makes this more evident. Anyway with the RASA on I had noticed that even though the scope seemed solid the gu
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble with my set-up and I suspect that the Eagle3 isn't man enough for the ASI2600. I can connect SharpCap fine and control the camera but as soon as I hit live stack SharpCap freezes or exhibits some totally undpredictable behaviour and cannot be shut down. Hooking up my guide camera to SharpCap (ASI120MM) and everything works as expected. I'm thinking that the ASI2600 sensor size is too much for the processing power of the Eagle3. Has anyone managed to get a high pixel count amera working through SharpCap and the Eagle? I'm anticpating a no, so a follow up question what oth
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