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  1. Aha i see now thanks. But one question it says all the time if you have a "4 or "8 so what do they mean with that?
  2. Yeah cause i realised that with the K25 i could find targets very easy thanks for the information.
  3. what do you mean by lowest? the only lenses i got are a K25mm and a K12mm
  4. well for example i looked at the brightest stars (Sirius A,Betelgeuse,Procyon) and planets (like: mars,uranus) but if i focus on those stars/planets they were still been seen as if you were looking at them without a telescope. i have a K25mm and K12mm lenses do i need a better lens? and the moon is perfectly in frame when i look at it through my lens with the K25mm and it is seen about half for the K12mm and my telescope can't like zoom in it can only focus.
  5. National Geographic 90/1250 maksutov is my telescope and thanks for all the replies and support of my previous post it helped me alot and i figured out how to see the moon for example in beautiful quality but there's the problem i have. I can only see good views and a sharp sight of the moon but that's about it. Do i need a better lens that can zoom even more out or is this the limit of my telescope? Please let me know if you know a solution to this.
  6. O ok. Im just a beginner and this the first time dealing with a real advanced telescope. I've never had any experience before so now i get that i need to learn alot about it. But if i would focus it during daylight. Where should i aim/focus it on?
  7. i have a National Geographic 90/1250 and i regularly look through it at night to see planet and stars. but for some reason if i look through it while looking at a star or planet, then i just see a black circle with light around it. Kinda like a black hole surrounded by light. and if there is a light source, nearby my telescope then i can see the planet/star if i pull out the lens i'm looking through, out of my telescope and i look into the hole where my lens is supossed to be then i can see it. am i doing something wrong? i really want to look at space but even if i look at the moon i only see light nothing else? help....
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