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  1. To be fair to Rodd, my first image was a bit rubbish, when I reprocessed it I kept the central portion a bit more natural. I think it was where I blended a shorter exposure for the highlights with a longer one for the nebulosity.
  2. The issue appears to be with the switching PSU. I can mitigate the effects of using the switching PSU by increasing the distance between the camera and the laptop with a longer USB3 lead
  3. Thank you for your help guys, I will do some experimentation this evening and will try to have the problem sorted for the Easter weekend as the weather is looking pretty clear. I have a spare non switching power supply and a USB2 cable which should be compatible. I will also try a wired mouse. If its just a problem with the track pad it is not so much of an issue as I could just use a wired mouse, or maybe a longer USB lead / intermediate hub to get the laptop further away from the telescope. If I find out the issue I will keep this post updated with my findings!
  4. Hi Julian, The cooling side of the camera is powered via a 12V 3.34A AC/DC switching power supply plugged directly into an extension lead and then into my outside mains power socket. The camera element is powered via a USB3 cable plugged directly into my Dell laptop. Thanks, James
  5. I have a new Altair 183M Pro TEC CMOS camera and have noticed that when I connect the camera to my laptop and switch on the TEC cooling it creates an interference with my laptop track pad. The track pad essentially jumps around and left clicks every now and then whilst trying to scroll. This doesn't seem to be right, but I may be wrong. Any ideas?
  6. Its meant to be the Orion Nebula... Maybe I should try again. haha
  7. My First attempt. WO Z73 with Altair 183m PROTEC. 10x30s + 3x180s. Luminance only
  8. Hi Rich, This looks great, would you be available at the weekend if I drove up to collect? I am available Saturday afternoon or all day Sunday. Feel free to PM me. Thanks, James
  9. Hi Rich, Your mount Sounds great, thank you. No rush with the information or photographs. I am happy to wait. Thanks, James
  10. Hi Rich, Thank you for your reply. I would be very interested in your mount and potentially any guide scope / guide cams you may have. Please may you let me know a few details (age, amount of use, damage etc...) and maybe a couple of photographs? Where about in Wiltshire are you based? Thanks, James
  11. Looking for a second hand goto mount in good condition. I’m located in Dorset, so close to here would be ideal. Thanks, James
  12. Hi, is your HEQ5 mount still available?
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