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  1. Hi thank you everyone for your response! I think I definitely do want the goto option as I believe this will save time looking for objects. I've never used a star map before so I wouldn't know where to start! There are a lot of people suggesting the 8' dob would be the better telescope however I am currently trying to register on astrobuysell to see of that cpc 800 is still available as it seems to be the better than my suggestions and still within budget. I'm just waiting for admin to email me back so I can send the seller a message. Thank you for finding that one Al
  2. Hi Geoff/Ricochet. Thank you to for your responses and excellent information. Yes I feel GoTo would help me get the most out of the telescope so I feel this is a must for me. I added my post when I was on my way out as I didn't expect to get so many responses so quickly! I want to look at this when it has my 100% attention so I'll have a good read through when I get home in a couple of hours. If anyone else can provide advice in the mean time, I will definitely read through this when I get home as I would like to get my telescope ordered ASAP. Thanks again
  3. Thank you for your response FaDG. The skies will be pretty dark in the areas where I intend on using the telescope. Especially when I go on holiday, the skies will be clear and pretty much pitch black. The DOB which I'm looking at has SynScan GoTo. Will that take away the need to push the telescope around as the goto should track the target through the sky shouldn't it? I'm not sure how it works.. maybe the goto finds the target but I have to track it myself? I've been looking at the skywatcher 150p but the one I'm looking at comes on an EQ3 mount, again w
  4. Hi, I've been reading the forums for years now and have finally saved enough money to buy my first telescope! In a ideal world, I would want to be viewing the planets, moon and DSO's however I understand that one telescope doesn't provide the best views of everything so I think I need to find a good balance. Imaging would be bones but not essential, for now at least, and the telescope also needs to be less than 1m in length when packed away as I would want to take it with me when I go on my holidays. My budget is around £1000 which needs to include the telescope, mount a
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