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  1. Here we go, I did say that there is so much I need to ask you and this is my first question. I am seriously considering the Starry Night Pro Plus. I've downloaded and use Stellarioum which great for free but I really like the idea of being able to print out star charts and generally having more sophisticated tool. I do see it as a long term investment, so I do not mind the extra cost. I am in the beginning and I do not even have a scope yet. I hope to purchase one soon. The reason I mention this is that I might be completely wrong with Starry Night Pro Plus. Am I? From what I've read I believe it is a very comprehensive software which should cover all my needs in coming years. Is it so? Now, considering that it is still a great piece of software, I am completely puzzled over the versions of it and where to get it. I believe the latest boxed version is 6.3 but I did only see 6.0 in the UK. Would you know, is there any actual difference in those two as I believe one can update the older version for free. I am very much interested in getting the latest one if I am already paying for it, hope this makes sense. Do you know where could I get it, the latest version (6.3)? Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tomas
  2. Hey Brett, I am in Ealing, just by the Ealing Studios.
  3. Hello SGL and SGL's friends. I am happy that I have found you. It has only been few short weeks since I took an interest in astronomy and I must say a lot of useful advice is to be found here. I always knew that there was a lot more to see in the night sky but like many I failed to look up. It is only about a month since a friend of mine emailed me a link to this amazing video. I watched it and got really mesmerised by the vastness of the space. It must have been some two weeks later when I was playing around with my iPhone and found the Distant Suns app. I reckon it must had been the video I saw earlier which made me to look into it further. Well, to cut the long story short, I did in deed download the app and off I went to the night. It sounds really easy but it wasn't quite like that because the sky has been cloudy and wether has been horrible for days. So, I waited. Few days later and I am on our terrace finding the world out there for the first time. It is difficult to put into words how I felt. I loved it. Few days later, I remembered that I've got a pair of 12x25 binos I bought few years back for our hiking trips. They did transform the whole experience big time I since bought some books, done a lot of research and kept on spending so much time outside. I am really quite happy with what I managed to achieve so far. I learnt the constellations which are visible from our place and even managed to find some Messier objects. Now, I can't wait to get more into the whole thing and in fact counting time to the sunset as I type. I will soon be getting more gear and there is much I like to ask you, the experienced starglazers, but you know what I decided to take this one nice and slow and enjoy the journey. So hello to you! Tomas
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