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  1. I can't imagine setting up and down again the same night, I did do it right at the beginning but soon started to think about a permanent set up. I do set up when I go to astro camps, but the rig stays up for several nights in a row, and I have to re-set up in the obsy when I get back home during the day time. Having a permanent set up is the only practical way to go. Just find something that works for you and practice at the location you plan to use to make sure you are happy with it. Carole
  2. Just wondered whether any-one has tried to process an image with these damn satellites. Does any of the stacking software manage to process them out? I haven't seen any myself as yet (thank goodness), but just looking to what to expect when I do. Carole
  3. Looking good so far, but you'll need to guide, so will need a guide scope and guidecamera. Maybe your finderscope is suitable for conversion. Carole
  4. The focus lock will be on the scope not the Coma corrector. Carole
  5. If you have a good view of Sirius you can try the Seagull Nebula. Also Rosette in Monoceros. Carole
  6. I found this coma corrector the easiest to use: I know this is an American link but get the equivalent in the UK. https://www.amazon.com/Baader-Planetarium-Multi-Purpose-Corrector/dp/B002SYKV46 There is a skywatcher one, but the threads didn#t fit my camera (Atik) which meant another adapter and that made the spacing too big. The Baader one worked well with my DSLR. If you don't use a coma corrector you'll get coma, Any HEQ5 will be fine for your purposes, I used the same with a 150P. Carole
  7. Avani does it again, amazing Titan. Carole
  8. Thank you. I would imagine with the ASI cameras and the ability to take short exposures and the fast lens you probably could get away without guiding, I would certainly plan to do that myself if I take it on holiday and have to use a travel mount which won't guide. As regards focus, I have in the past found lens focussing quite difficult, so I bought myself about 18 months ago (with my old lenses) a finely cut Bahtinov mask (see below). This works very well, but always with a lens there is a tendency to nudge the focus especially if you have to put a dew heater on it. So I bought the Astrokraken microfocusser and mounting brackets which make focussing really ease to do and to lock. (Excuse the parcel tape = my Heath Robinson method of attaching the Square Bahtinov plate to a collar so it would fit over the lens, however to my delight I find it fits exactly inside the dew Hood and so I don't even had to take that off to focus. This is it mounted on my rig. HTH Carole
  9. Excellent result. This target is my Nemesis, and have yet to get a decent rendition of it. Carole
  10. Having said all that, I am pretty sure I have cone error, but have never been brave enough to make the adjustments, as I am sure I will just make it worse, so I tend to live with the cone error. GoTOs work fine one side of the Meridian, not so on the other side. Carole
  11. This should explain it: (approx 3.19 minutes into tutorial)
  12. Now that every-one has had a chance to examine the corner stars, I am cropping out the Nebula-less top and the processing artefact edge at the bottom.
  13. I do. Hubble palette Gina. The blue might be a bit Teal but if I tried to adjust it to a bluer colour the nebulosity seemed to fade. Carole
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