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  1. Welcome home. This forum will make your learning curve so much better. Love the photo, don’t be afraid to to ask questions no matter how trivial. Where in Greece are you? From a beginner to a beginner you have made the right choice for a first scope. What mount is it on? Marv
  2. There is a whole load of us rooting for you. Other than my own observations I have never wanted someone else to succeed so much, good luck. Please let us know if you succeed. Marv ps the moon is amazing tonight from where I stand, so perhaps a night off from dso and look at that majestic wonder, so close and sometimes ignored.
  3. On a technical level Johns post is spot on. So many variables, moon, light levels, pollution, seeing. Please keep trying, your reward will be worth it.
  4. As a comment on the original post, any time looking at the sky is time well spent, not time wasted. Now I have to say that I have B3 skies so don’t shout at me all at once, but I have only been doing astronomy for two years. My first attempt at a galaxy was of course Andromeda, found the pinwheel instead. Took another month to find Andromeda and then couldn’t find the pinwheel again for a whole year. This astronomy thing is difficult, if it was easy then I would get board real quick and give up. This ‘thing’ I have grown to love is a life’s labour and I hope it will be yours as well. I am 46 and I hope at 86 I will be looking at the stars and still staying “that’s new” it might not be new to science but it is all our own personal discovery. Marvin
  5. Are you aware that FLO sell dew shields, perhaps the last lent free be going your way. Better make sure that review is stellar, pardon the pun.
  6. Brilliant work, my eq2 is left idle in the garage. No more. I am going to do all these mods and my 130 newt will go back to this mount when I go night fishing as the ultimate light weight non powered set up. Thanks for the info. M
  7. Just thought I would add a clarification. My EQ2 supplied with my scope had those alu extendable legs. In my opinion they are the main problem. I up graded to a Skywatcher eq 5 pro with stainless legs and the wobbles are a thing of the past.
  8. Hi Dave, I had a similar problem after buying a 130 newt on an eq 2 mount. Now I am not going to complain too much but I had the same focus wobbles as you are experiencing. As a beginner I saw things (with wobble) that I didn’t think possible. Shared with friends, The moon, Jupiter with moons and equatorial weather bands, Saturn, with practice the Cassini division. I am sure that stabilising will be an improvement, but appreciate what you can see from your kit now. If you, like me, said ‘I need to see more’ then buy a much more substantial mount. No true’er word spoken. No mount no scope. I bought an NEQ5 go to and my 130 Orion was transformed. I cannot believe how much I see with a small scope on a good mount. M
  9. Bad night sleep, no SGL!!! How long can this go on? Two hours on cloudy nights! Worked all day, cold sweats. Will SGL be there after dinner? Hit my icon and ‘not available’ heart sinks. Google SGL and all is restored. I can breath again. The effort I put in on the terminator challenge may not be lost after all. Given the amazing submissions I am just happy to take park. One question? Why does the judging process take so long? I accidentally got my wife involved in the whole caper (getting out of bed at 3am and standing in the garden) she wants to know when the mug is getting here..... I have tried to explain how it all works with equipment and astronomy but she thinks I am a winner. Lucky guy I know, might end up buying a mug from FLO and blagging it. Marvin
  10. Nice one Rob, small scope but attention to detail with colimation, or should I say calibration. Never thought to check the square of the focuser! I have so much to learn from the details of conversations like this. I have to say that Ron ‘barkis’ sorry if I have your name wrong, has the kind of experience and calm educational teaching that makes me look out for his input. Supernova, well deserved.
  11. Thank you Peter. Do you think I should delete the current ascom software that came bundled with my scope (Gemini, ascom profile etc etc) or will I need to keep this in addition to eqmod? Thank you for the link also.
  12. Hi there. Have to say I am not tech when it comes to tech so if replying please assume I know the minimum. I have a small newt on an NEQ5 pro synscan V5. The OTA is an Orion space probe 130st which came with a bundled set of free programmes, starry night and some ascom drivers. Since moving up to the NEQ5 mount I thought about controlling it via a lap top after buying and reading Steve Richards excellent book ‘Making every photon count’. In the near future I was planning on moving up to a SW150 pds and experimenting with photography, with a view to learning the basics then going onto HEQ5 or above to really get good images. My question is the programmes I have on my laptop are ASCOM drivers v6.2 and only appear to give me a small control pane with basic controls which looks nothing like the screen shot on page 154 fig15.1. Have I got a basic version of Ascom’s platform that needs to be up dated or is EQmod something entirely different. Marvin
  13. I will try tomorrow with your settings if possible, sorry work means I have to go to bed, and it’s solid cloud out now anyway. If I get any strange results I will get in touch. Looks like you are all correct in your month day year set up. I hope I can help. Marv
  14. Just a quick thought. I have seen a post in the past on here about a similar problem. It might sound obvious but the the date setting on my V5 is American, ie month, day, year. Not European day, month year. swap the month for the day and a big difference. Doesn’t explain your first star alignment being close, but worth checking. Sorry if this already been addressed in past replies. Marv
  15. I will have a play with my set up and see if I can replicate your problems. Perhaps if I can enter a setting in reverse of my current settings or change time date etc I can be of use. No such thing as a stupid question on SGL. I have only been at this for about two years and the knowledge base here is amazing. Give me your basic long lat so I know where about you are viewing from.
  16. Just so you don’t despair. SGL is top heavy with knowledge and be assured that all anyone on this site wants is for you to solve your issues and get star gazing.
  17. Interesting, I have the exact mount as yours but have a 130 newt and the V5 kit without a problem. in relation to your picture (I assume the first picture is in home or park) which part of your scope is hitting your mount or it’s legs?
  18. Marvin Jenkins


    Hi Bill, and welcome. Just getting the pattern back on thread.
  19. Thanks HAsun but I going to buy new. Delivery to rural France is amazing. My wife’s fathers ashes went missing for three months. My last DHL delivery was passed to a ‘ third party courier’ which in France translates to an outlaw biker, in a beaten up van who calls you from the nearest village to say he has no idea how to get to your house. If you get to him in 15 minutes your in luck. I got there with two minutes to spare and he was kicking my gear out the back door with his foot onto the road. Always makes me smile when I hear someone on this forum say that their new scope needed slight collimating when they took ownership after delivery. I have to say as a footnote, although my initial scope and mount came from Orion (third party delivery) everything from FLO has been spot on. Marv
  20. I used to do a fair amount of sketching/ artwork but of landscapes and buildings. It has all fallen by the wayside over the years, but this is just the topic to get the pencils out again. Blighted by stormy skies and a mother load of work right now. I suppose I should count myself lucky, at least being too tired from work does not coincide with clear skies, which is heart breaking. Lurcher, give me a couple of months and I will post some sketches. I will give you a shout as inspiration. Marv
  21. I normally go to ‘B’ when I have spilt wine down the front of mine.
  22. Good thing is it’s only a 130 mirror, but I don’t want to muck it up as it is my first scope and although I know it will not be my last, I will never let it go. I guess it’s that first moon and first Messier, stay with you forever.
  23. I love the quote “ the famous LN 300” it’s a bit like being around kids as they talk about Cardi B and I have no idea.
  24. Nice. Two years from purchase and for the first time looked into my newt at the main mirror, dirty!!! Yes, spots blobs and with a great big hair laying across it’s face. I’m going in.. always been scared until I read this. Thank you for the confidence boost. Marv.
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