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  1. Hayduke27, how is your weather? So bad here I can’t believe it. I get the feeling that I am going to miss this one, so if you get the chance to see it please post. I will keep an eye on widefield, comets and asteroids in the hope that someone with clear skies can at least give me a description. Marvin
  2. Arrrr spell check. Biko should read Bukko.
  3. Hi Rick. Welcome on board. There are few people on here that are Living in France, Fozzy Bear and Biko to name two. I have to say I haven’t visited the Audi but it does look like we are all sharing the same universal weather. I am in Tarn et Garonne, on the tri boarder between T and G, Lot and Lot et Garonne. See you around the forum. Marvin
  4. I’m getting worried. Where is Demon Performer? On holiday I hope without the face paint so you don’t scare any children. Let us know all is good as I am getting spooked by your absence. M
  5. Many of you may already know about this but I have just stumbled across this on the British Astronomical Society web site, britastro.org. I have always been in awe of past astronomers that did astrophotography in the film era and even more mad, glass plate, Mr Hubble! One of the main headings on the home page is about a large archive of images that are being digitised from our past and I have to say they are astounding. Please have a look as this seems to be a treasure box of delights and at a minimum we owe it to the people that came before us. Perhaps there are some observers on here that may have known some of the earlier imagers? Marvin
  6. Thank you very much. Up until this moment I was unaware of the Sharpless catalogue. I will have a little dig and expand my mind. Marvin
  7. Don’t want to sound silly, I might have missed something, but what object is this? M
  8. What do you mean get up for work? There is a contractual get out of clause encompassed in one word “ normallament”
  9. Good job it’s not the month of May. Five bank holidays! Imagine the heavens halting for five days in one month! Would put Stellarium in a twist for sure.
  10. Just thought I would add a correction to the speed of light v distance of planets question. If the light in question is going to be seen from anywhere in France between midday and two pm then you need to add two hours to the time taken. (Nothing happens at lunch time) After lunch time, time travels at half speed till 3 pm and you need to take into account the recent clock change and also I am one hour ahead. No wonder I am confused.
  11. Education today!!! All you had to do in my day was turn up and you got a fail. Did you mention the Roman helmet was called a Galea?
  12. Breath taking, one of those super rare sessions we all dream about. I have been there a couple of times so a smile on my face for you. Great pictures by the way. So much accomplished, thank you for the report. Living in low cloud and fog right now so thank you again for reminding what is above the mirk. Marv
  13. I love it all. Don’t wish for failure but blowing ‘stuff’ up is part of the fun. Good luck with the flight. Please post on this thread, I would love to see the end result. A grade, for your grand daughter I hope. Marv
  14. Just got online and noticed your post. I saw the crescent moon before dark with a bright star below and thought it must have been Jupiter. Weather here has been rubbish, but this evening there were clear patches. I went out with the DSLR, 200mm lens and tripod and the battery died on me. On charge for an hour whilst eating dinner and then total cloud cover. Just taken the dogs up the lane and the sky is opening up again! No moon though this late. Teach me a valuable lesson about being ready with the kit. Spare battery is now on the ever lengthening list. Marv
  15. I have seen one of those before. I think I described as that bit of carbon fibre at the end of the mount! A thing of beauty to behold, that is for sure. M
  16. Utterly ridiculous, I have no idea how you managed to create a thing like that. More power to you.
  17. This will be my last reply to this thread. I am sorry, please accept my apology if you feel you have been wronged by my comments. It is not my intention to belittle your efforts in minimising your issues. I assumed wrongly that the mount in question with it’s drawbacks was a first for you as it was posted in the beginner section of this forum. As such I thought it was your first mount. A bientot Marvin
  18. Welcome, no shortage of info and knowledgeable people on here. Good luck and I hope you manage to get out observing more often. Marvin
  19. I know very little about imaging but get the feeling I am looking at something special. You must be very proud and rightfully so.
  20. Sorry forgot to say WOW. Philips6549 even thought that is my regular sky, I walk outside and regularly swear out loud. Have been known to throw my arms in the air ask if I am worthy. It never gets old. Well billions of years of course. M
  21. I am very interested by this post as I have B3 skies with the exception of my extreme southern horizon which is light polluted. Most of my life I have wanted to do astronomy, but always lived in towns or villages. I completely understand the overwhelming effect of a dark milky way filled sky after we moved ‘into the dark’ (countryside). As soon as I saw my first clear dark sky with no moon I asked Father Christmas (my wife) for a scope and for the first year I was clueless. There is so much in the sky, so much about the sky and how it works. I am only getting comfortable in the last six months and I have been an info addict. Trying to understand what is up there. Trying to understand where it will be and when. Timing around work and disappointment with the weather. I am sure that I have a grasp now, but it took so long due to information overload thanks to dark skies. I know those of you in LP areas are saying poor bloke and I don’t blame one of you. It is a journey we all approach from a slightly different place. Marv
  22. Eq6r pro and a problem with cone error in getting started. I wish I had your problems two years ago with a wobbly eq2. Cone error? Five second wobble delay was my biggest problem. Marv
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