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  1. Seb-B John that just posted on this thread is someone you should follow. He is one of the people on here is mainly visual based and nothing but sense comes from his posts. Another is Stu. Marv
  2. Rudd is spot on. Stellarium is free and a great portable planetarium software which I use.
  3. Welcome to this fascinating, quite often frustrating pastime. My main bit of advice is to try and not miss any opportunities to star gaze. The night you miss is the night you regret. Dont get bogged down with equipment issues, there is an answer countering every answer. Just get viewing and keep a diary. I am only two years in and I am 80 of the 110 M list but I have not done them justice. Rushed a bit too much, this is for the rest of our lives, take it all in.... and post on here what you see. Don’t think as a beginner your imput won’t be valid. I found other beginners imput at the beginning easier to understand. clear skies Seb-B Marvin Just to hold you to it, I have ticked the follow box for you.
  4. Couldn’t agree with domstar more. You have just stepped through the door into a pastime/passion/obsession that is truly mind blowing. Look around, learn a bit, keep a diary of what you see. Don’t fret the details of equipment at the beginning, it’s all about seeing those first clusters, Andromeda, a planet or two. You will quickly learn what you can see, but I will say if you are brave enough, visit somewhere dark see how much you can get out of your first scope. M
  5. Good luck to all of you. I don’t hold out hope for myself, but I sometimes think of this as a group effort, so if anyone anywhere gets some shots I would love to see them on here. As we all know Thursday is a long way away, so the weather may flip and bring us all crystal clear skies, fingers crossed. Marvin
  6. Would love to say I could take part but the weather has been awful since October 9th. Saw on the news earlier that 300,000 people in South East France are without power due to snow. I have just posted a heads up about the Monocerotids November 21/22nd but I am not hopeful about seeing anything except rain.... or fog, in which case it is the same thing. Marv
  7. I am not hopeful as the weather is awful and I have a terrible track record with seeing meteor showers but this is coming up. Monocerotids meteor shower. Obviously radiating from the constellation Monoceros. Peak activity is early morning 4:30 am 21/22nd November for observers in Western Europe. For those of you new to this Monoceros is the constellation to the left of Orion and the radiant is not far from the star Procyon in Canis Minor just above Monoceros. I only flagged this up, as there is a possible ZHR of 400 or more. This shower in the past has reached storm proportions reaching 1000 an hour!!! Problem is the peak of the shower or storm hopefully, will last about thirty minutes there or there about’s. For once this year, as an added bonus, the moon although around will not make a huge impact on viewing. If I have clear skies then I am setting up the DSLR for wide field, that’s for sure. I hope that many of you get clear skies for this one despite the bleary eyes of a three thirty alarm call. Marvin credit where credit is due, only right. I saw this on Sky and Telescope website.
  8. It would be good hear from some of the old timers (sorry) about how many nights clear observing they were able to undertake. I am going to try a working mans equation of how many nights in one year an ordinary joe, fixated with astronomy can actually observe the heavens. Take out the twelve full moon weeks. Temper that with weather, touched on here already. The six or seven sessions missed due to work commitments, I am self employed so not really a problem. Two sessions missed due to sickness in one year. And.... I know you are not supposed to start a sentence with And, but missing the whole of August as it’s just rubbish. I will be back in a bit, after crunching some numbers with a Casio. Marv
  9. Cheers dude, two years of saying “ how are people on here doing that”. My life is now complete thanks to Vlaiv. You the man.
  10. Gottzi, they have the diaries to compare against current weather. I know where my bets would be placed. Weather is getting angry! I am a landscape gardener and I am having to change how and when i an doing things, it’s weather effected. Marv
  11. I know exactly what you mean Francis. I have waited two years through embarrassment to ask how members add that info about the kit they use and a witty one liner from the past. Feel free to put me out of my misery. M
  12. There must be members of this forum who have been ‘at it’ for decades. I have been lead to believe the old schoolers keep Astro diaries, I was prompted too. What does this mine of info give Gottzi and myself aspiration for future viewing. Of course, Mr Gottzi, I do not speak for you, so if you feel differently to my post please feel free to say. There must be an amazing diary based history of visual astronomy that could be compared to today’s night skies. Compare that, to what we have now! Marv
  13. Hey Gottzi, I am more blue than you. As you can see I am am based in SW France and my last observational opportunity was October 9th !!! I looked at my Astro diary for last year, my first year in this pursuit, and I will type it word for word. Feb 10th 2018, M 39 M 34 clusters, M 31 plus NGC 205, just 15 minutes until the clouds rolled in. April 10th 2018, and I missed just two nights unexpected viewing, with bad seeing. June 23rd 2018!!!!! I was new to this and champing at the bit. Didn’t miss an opportunity and I went from Feb 10 to June 23rd with two or three unexpected nights viewing. Everyone is banging on about light pollution, I would say our biggest threat is cloud due to climate change. Light pollution is something we can do something about, but if your skies, like mine are covered in cloud, who cares about street lights. Am I wrong? Many of you on here are lifers. My experience is just a couple of years, but I feel that if our skies are covered with cloud then it doesn’t matter if your neighbour has a security light. Now I want to say, before criticism pours in. I am an astronomer, I have like most people a heart felt desire for darker skies, cleaner air, better environment, but I feel things are getting worse not better, sorry for the rant and if Gottzi disagrees then please post, I won’t object. Marvin
  14. Tripod ladder. All the fruit pickers use those around here, although not that big as it is just easier to prune the trees to a manageable height. Got to be uncomfortable after a short time.
  15. For me I love your imput. I have always wanted to persue astronomy, and have kept an eye on the news, but not on astronomy for real. Now I know, and I am wishing for cosmic invaders invaders. Marv
  16. Makes me wonder what shots like these would like now in the digital era. I have two comets in two years 46P Wirtinenen and Africano. Both of which in my 130 newt were distant fuzzies.
  17. Going to attach a couple more from the archive, couldn’t say how strongly this should be looked at, and all credit to the team that put it together.
  18. Thanks Paul M When was the last time you saw a comet that size over your house? So many on the archive, are we in a comet glut?
  19. Don’t want to beat an empty drum but thought I would attach these pictures. Well before the time of everyone having tracking. And I am yet to see better images despite the advances in technology! If you feel you have done better then post and compare, taking into consideration they were using 35mm film and the delay in seeing the results.
  20. Couldn’t give a hoot about 4K loved it. Be proud of your achievement. I would be. Marv
  21. Sorry, didn’t mean to leave you out. I have seen plenty of your work product and you need no help from a relative beginner. I wasn’t deliberately leaving you out but you are well established on here, and for good reason, your Astro pics are amazing. I am going on a bit of a road trip next year, so perhaps I could knock on your door and say hello. Never been to Provence or near the Alps. Marvin
  22. Some amazing stuff on this thread. Been running for a long time, so guess the topic is really relevant. I have a couple of pics that I am not happy with. But as soon as the weather is clear I hope to contribute to this as it seems sooooo valid. Marvin
  23. My skies are ok about a B4 as I am in the countryside without neighbours. My nearest small village is three kilometres away and the street lights are turned off at midnight, which is great. I do however have some light pollution to my south and west thanks to large towns about twenty five k’s away. All in all I can’t complain as I see some of the inner city back gardens some people on here have to use and I count myself lucky. I have a mountain range about 100k to my south and if I can see it during the day then conditions are normally amazing. Big problem at the moment is it will not stop raining. Now how about that bird?
  24. Good to see you here. How are your skies in New Mexico? Interesting avatar, is the beautiful bird an Eagle Owl? Marv
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