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  1. I will have a play with my set up and see if I can replicate your problems. Perhaps if I can enter a setting in reverse of my current settings or change time date etc I can be of use. No such thing as a stupid question on SGL. I have only been at this for about two years and the knowledge base here is amazing. Give me your basic long lat so I know where about you are viewing from.
  2. Just so you don’t despair. SGL is top heavy with knowledge and be assured that all anyone on this site wants is for you to solve your issues and get star gazing.
  3. Interesting, I have the exact mount as yours but have a 130 newt and the V5 kit without a problem. in relation to your picture (I assume the first picture is in home or park) which part of your scope is hitting your mount or it’s legs?
  4. Marvin Jenkins


    Hi Bill, and welcome. Just getting the pattern back on thread.
  5. Thanks HAsun but I going to buy new. Delivery to rural France is amazing. My wife’s fathers ashes went missing for three months. My last DHL delivery was passed to a ‘ third party courier’ which in France translates to an outlaw biker, in a beaten up van who calls you from the nearest village to say he has no idea how to get to your house. If you get to him in 15 minutes your in luck. I got there with two minutes to spare and he was kicking my gear out the back door with his foot onto the road. Always makes me smile when I hear someone on this forum say that their new scope needed slight collimating when they took ownership after delivery. I have to say as a footnote, although my initial scope and mount came from Orion (third party delivery) everything from FLO has been spot on. Marv
  6. I used to do a fair amount of sketching/ artwork but of landscapes and buildings. It has all fallen by the wayside over the years, but this is just the topic to get the pencils out again. Blighted by stormy skies and a mother load of work right now. I suppose I should count myself lucky, at least being too tired from work does not coincide with clear skies, which is heart breaking. Lurcher, give me a couple of months and I will post some sketches. I will give you a shout as inspiration. Marv
  7. I normally go to ‘B’ when I have spilt wine down the front of mine.
  8. Good thing is it’s only a 130 mirror, but I don’t want to muck it up as it is my first scope and although I know it will not be my last, I will never let it go. I guess it’s that first moon and first Messier, stay with you forever.
  9. I love the quote “ the famous LN 300” it’s a bit like being around kids as they talk about Cardi B and I have no idea.
  10. Nice. Two years from purchase and for the first time looked into my newt at the main mirror, dirty!!! Yes, spots blobs and with a great big hair laying across it’s face. I’m going in.. always been scared until I read this. Thank you for the confidence boost. Marv.
  11. Don’t want to sound like an idiot, but what is a barn door tracker? I live in a barn, and fail to see how it could be astronomy connected.
  12. Thanks for the info. I am in dept 82 Tarn et Garonne near the border split of Tarn et Garonne/Lot/Lot et Garonne. If you can find Bourg de Visa on a map I am three k’s away. What’s your general location? I have looked at focusers in general and saw they were expensive. I don’t mind modifying the scope tube to take a two inch unit but if it is close in price to just buying a pds then I will probably just do that. I still have the eq2 mount so I could make that a simple in the van outfit for when I am night fishing. No harm in mixing the two great pastimes of my life.
  13. Couldn’t agree more. Didn’t see Cassendi B but you know how it is, if you don’t know it is there then you don’t know to look.
  14. That’s the picture I am aiming at. Thanks for the motivation. Don’t know if anyone else finds this, but the pictures posted lack something. I have a lunar I took, as a screen saver on my laptop and it looks amazing, but viewed normally is ordinary. I looked at this new it was quality. Imagine how good it is as a screen saver. Well done.
  15. As foot note, I have two friends come to stay a week ago. The only clear night being the day of there arrival so I set up the scope, one of the duo having never looked at the moon before looked into the eye piece and thought we were pulling some kind of cgi prank. The star of the show was Cassendi and A, just like your drawing. I didn’t know at the time but showed my friends the following day with a moon map. Cassendi A really cuts into the main crater wall. Marv
  16. A thing of beauty. Relatively new to this whole thing and never thought about producing lovely drawings like this. Get caught up in the whole get a camera, connect a computer, stack everything and then forget I am supposed to be an astronomer, not a collector of ‘data’. I will still persue photography, but I have been inspired to do a little old school if I can. Thank you for giving me a little perspective.
  17. The kind of kit us mortals dream of, or should I say are aiming at. Is that some form of pier mount at the bottom of the pic? I have only basic kit compared to you, but I am about a year away from building a small obsy, so tips would be much appreciated. I am lucky to have dark skies, a big garden in an elevated position, without trees or large buildings, (rural France, one farm house in a field) I have to say, dude, that wiring looks complicated.
  18. I am using an Orion Space Probe 130 short tube. I like the scope and recently upgraded the mount from eq2 to skywatcher eq5 pro goto, what a difference, the old saying “ no mount, no scope” couldn’t be more true. My question is this..... do I buy an SW 150 pds to get into planetary/ lunar imaging, (max size for my mount) as the focuser on my Orion is a serious handicap. I have been following a huge thread from the SW 130 pds owners who are getting amazing results from the same aperture as mine, but that scope has the two inch dual speed focuser. Does anyone know if there is a focuser available for my Orion that will in effect make it a 130 pds? I don’t want to buy a slightly larger scope to get a dual speed focus, camera friendly focuser if I can add one to what I already have. Thanks in advance. Marv
  19. Unaware of the fifty posts thing. I just thought that joining SGL to ask how much a scope is worth that had been left in a will indicated an intent to sell it.
  20. I can not disagree with any of the above, greater minds than my own for sure. You mentioned the moon was impressive, however, the moon is a wonderful object, but brings it’s own light pollution. Really bright moon nights are not great for deep sky objects. Planetarium software or books (old school) will tell you when you are in a ‘new moon’ phase, ie no moon in the night sky. let’s hope that the next new moon coincides with clear skies for all of us out there, but.... do not forget to get out there and look at our own moon when she is showing off. Marv
  21. I feel that this thread has lost it’s initial intention of gaining a bit of cash from the sale of an unwanted scope. Perhaps this should be posted in the classifieds section, after all it is a question about value and sale.
  22. Perhaps you could wait till darkness, look to the heavens and discover it’s true worth. Perhaps the person who left it to you would look down with a smile and say “ there you go, amazing isn’t it “
  23. Nice. I am at a beginners junction having only been doing this two years. Recently got the SW NEQ5 Pro goto mount for my existing 130 newt. Dilema is this... do I make a small step and put a 150 pds on it, so I can do some planetary photography or go for the 200 and stay visual only? Two years from now I will be buying a big dob so I am stuck with that thing of bigger aperture now, trumped by the dob later or smaller photo outfit, what do reckon?
  24. Thanks Dude, the worst bit was not knowing how I got the original pictures last year and why I couldn't get a repeat result. Drove me nuts and my wife mad! What's the SW 250 like?
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