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  1. Surprised by the lack of pictures (except Mike which is amazing) goes to show the explosion of imaging in recent years. Must have been a nightmare using 35mm celluloid film. I suppose we just get used to hundreds of images from Hubble downward. Marv
  2. You know you take it to the dechetterie and they take it somewhere else and burn it on a bonfire, cut out the middle man. Less carbon footprint too. saves driving that AMG all over France
  3. I recently had a pizza with a friend. Said friend has been on this planet 75 years and is an award wining architect, so not a dull flame. He asked this question..... You do Astronomy? Yes. How do “they” with the fingers in the air, know how far away things are in the universe? I explained Parallax. Tried to show the idea with a finger in front of the face and alternate eye open close, should have sensed danger, his hands stayed on the table. Second question.... But, when “they say” (remember the fingers in the air) 25.000 light years how can they know that? I go on to explain Edwin Hubble’s ground breaking work with Cephid variables as a standard candle. No question this time.... ‘Rubbish, they are always contradicting themselves’ even everything Einstein came up with is wrong! I made a note in my diary that night to just keep it to myself unless pestered. The human race is something I find more palatable at a great distance. A quote to sum it up. A person with a small amount of information is very dangerous.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I noticed Vesta was marked on Stellarium yesterday and it has just dawned on me that I have a couple of comets under my belt but not a single asteroid. Time for things to change, I will let you know how I get on. Marvin
  5. That’s what a Merc is for. You got a tow hook, put a plow on the back and help your farmer neighbour.
  6. Perfect, just the kind of shot that motivates me after multiple disappointments. Well done, the kind of example I am aiming for
  7. I remember it was really visible. No fuzzy that time, and I looked at it naked eye in a small town with yellow sodium street lighting. I hope we all get another in our lifetimes, can’t imagine what it would have looked like through my 130. Great picture Mike, on real film, not all this digital cheating malarkey people are up to these days. That picture pretty much answers my question in the second paragraph. Thanks, Marvin
  8. I’m not kidding, I thought for a minute someone had posted a photo in sketching. Blows my mind. Can’t comprehend how you observe then record, the two things seems separate in my brain.
  9. Now, I have embarked on the mighty challenge of astronomy for two years now. I am quite clearly at the beginning. I have always had a hankering for stargazing but for some insane reason I have I have only just lost my marbles. I quite clearly remember seeing (on the way to the pub not on the way back) a large comet that appeared fixed in the sky for some time around the summer of 1998. I remember seeing the curved tail but Guinness was calling. Now I know I could Google, YouTube etc but can the good people of SGL take me back in time, to the last century, before I looked through a telescope. Most importantly, are there any imagers now current who have pictures of the comet from back then or images taken by astronomers no longer with us and how were they taken in relation to today’s tech setups in many astronomers homes. Marvin
  10. Just stuck neck out the door and high overcast is starting to build, getting worried now that my bragging has jinxed it!
  11. Welcome to the site. Feel free to ask questions no matter how simple. I found nothing but help and helpful people. Happy star gazing. Marvin
  12. Southwest, biggest town is Montauban. My problem is that people see ‘South of France’ and think lovely. The unguarded Atlantic coast is just over and hour away South. The Pyrenees are the same distance south which brings problems. The flip side is, if you can see the mountains from the top of the lane then conditions are set to be amazing, and I could see snow on the peaks this morning at sunrise.......
  13. Nice one star101 that’s just what I am hoping for.
  14. I would say sorry to rub it in, but up until yesterday I have had nothing but heavy cloud, rain, thunderstorms, and when not raining thick wet dripping fog for three weeks. lots of horse tails, but hoping they clear, alarm set for midnight, no work first thing in the morning so fingers crossed. Hopefully an hour of visual treats then sticking the Nikon with 200 mm lense on the mount and taking 60 plus Andromeda pics for stacking. Early days stuff but having something to work with teaches this knew to astrophotography person how the software works. Good luck everyone, I hope your skies clear. Marv
  15. You lucky devils. Nearly three weeks of terrible weather and has been caning down most of the night. Can hear it drumming on the roof. Small river running down the drive!
  16. Having always wanted to persue astronomy, then getting a 5 inch newt for my 44th birthday. Second wow, first galaxy, pinwheel by accident looking for Andromeda. Third has to be Saturn late 2017, popped my eye ball out! This list could run forever. First Glob, First open cluster, First plan neb, Andromeda, First comet 46p Wirtinen, First wide field long exposure photo of the milky way, first meteor caught on camera, and the best by far...... Showing a good friend some of the above for the first time. Life changing. Marv Lets not forget the moon.
  17. I love the idea that having goto means you don’t learn anything. You will be looking up.... so the learning begins. Forget what scope, draw in the heavens. Marvin.
  18. Funny you should say that. I won the French National loto eight weeks ago, still waiting for any kind of conformation or pay out. I got three numbers, with a pay out of 20 euros. I have to send the ticket to head office, with ID, a bank pay in slip via registered post that costs 5.30 euro. Seven weeks after and I am still dreaming about a bag of gravel or two. Marv
  19. I have been given permission by Gordon to hijack this thread, cheers. I visited Gordon Monday Tuesday to help install some security fencing around the perimeter of the Obsy area. We were hoping for clear skies Monday night so I could use Gordon’s Dob, a first for me and experiment with eyepieces as my small box of plossle’s seemed shockingly inadequate to the eyepieces that were on offer. Sadly it was cloud all the way. I have added a few pictures to this post, as the beast is now installed in the second dome and I couldn’t believe the quality of the mount. That bit of carbon fibre at the top is a joy to behold. Hoping to get invite back in the future to see it all in action, fingers crossed.
  20. Thanks DaveS must have been a pictorial representation as 1814 is surely before photography. Man 62-63 must have been harsh. One of the family gathering this Christmas is a lifelong Londoner, I will pick his brains also as he still lives near Teddington.
  21. I am going to London this Christmas for a family reunion. Numerous things to see, planetarium, meteorite collection natural history museum, Greenwich observatory. Perhaps a wide field long exposure from the south bank trying to get St Paul’s in the frame will answer my own question. Funny how your perspective changes over time. I was a cycle courier in London in the mid nineties and not once did I ever look up and wonder. City life I guess. M
  22. Times do change but am I right in saying that there were reports of the Thames freezing over? I may have seen one of the earliest photos taken late 1800s but I stand to be corrected. I know the skies may have been clear back then, but I would have needed a five wheel filter for the nose for sure. Marv
  23. Is it possible to see stars at all from central London? Biggest problem despite light pollution is a Gerkin getting in the way.
  24. What do you mean there is no answer to paragraph three? It’s the number in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy..................?
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