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  1. I know just what you mean. If it is not Astro related I am just not interested. The other day I was watching the news and there was a report about gay rights and a legal challenge of some sort and according to my wife I referred to the subject as LRGB rights.

    Shows that my brain is in Astro mode 100% of the time.


  2. I asked the very same question a while back and got the answer that more weight closer to the point of rotation is better than less weight farther out. Something about point of inertia and ends in inevitable equations.

    I currently have an NEQ5 pro mount. 150pds OTA. The mount comes with two counter weights. One weight at farthest extension is not enough for balance.

    Both weights at the closest is too much for ep work but exactly right when the DSLR is added for pictures. I am planning on drilling holes in one of my weights to remove mass to get it just right. The point is I could use one weight at full extension but two, with one modded is better.
    Always aim for the best setup you can achieve and if possible don’t shy away from DIY.



  3. 3 minutes ago, JamesF said:

    I'm getting a bit concerned about this, I have to admit.  My wife has been busy booking us another holiday in France for the summer, but the way thing seem to be going it looks like we might end up staying in an igloo.  She keeps saying she'd like to stay in an ice hotel mind.  Every cloud (except the ones over me)...


    What ever your view on the climate, I would say that August in France is going to be an inferno. Book a place with a pool and it will be a pleasure. For the rest of us.....

    If you plan a stay SW then I would be very happy to show you all around.


  4. Just now, Pete Presland said:

    I managed some decent imaging runs on Venus into dusk, then Uranus during darkness. I could see the cloud approaching though, packed just before it completely clouded over!

    Venus was amazing very low on my horizon. For some reason didn’t think about looking at it through the scope. I guess a lot of us have a plan and stick to it.


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  5. Just come back inside. I am so cold I literally have hand shakes. Managed 40x1min subs of M31. Completely clear but freezing and gusty NE winds.

    So cold the camera battery died just after the last sub, but it meant no darks. Chucked in an ep and ticked M36 and M38 off the lMessier list. I will probably get loads of abuse but I find a lot of the open clusters underwhelming, am I wrong?


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  6. I love this thread. I have completely clear skies but quite windy. Reading this thread is like watching an army readying for war, so many people, so much equipment being started up all right now. Who says we are alone in the dark? I am going out in ten minutes, see you all out there.


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  7. Hello Dean, seems you are well on your way and already at a point that you can help others, which is great. Perhaps you could post your memories of Apollo Skylab and voyager, I would be very interested.

    Now we are in an age of YouTube and Wikipedia, it would be nice to hear a first hand account from someone who was around at the time, even if it was listening on the radio.

    I am 47 so I grew up with ‘man walked on the moon’ but it is up till now that I have been reading about it and educating myself. I know nothing of skylab. Voyager on the other hand is etched in my school boy memory.


  8. Thank you everyone. I must admit I did dance a little bit around the garden in the dark as I am sure many of you have done. I think it is the un planned nature of this as I was trying to iron out an alignment issue with the intention of star hopping to view T2 Panstarrs. For some reason I just couldn’t find my target and chose M31 as a target to see if the Goto was accurate.

    As soon as I saw that monster in the ep I thought ‘chuck on the camera and see what happens’ I did the same with M42 and the colours blew me away but the centre is so burnt out I didn’t post it.

    Funny thing is, I have sent both to non Astro friends and not one mentions M31 but days later they are still asking if the M42 is some kind of fake.

    Once again thank you to Bukko and his son for there help and the advice about shortening the M42 exposure time.

    Olly, I promise I will try to get up to speed on processing. Just got to get this pre computer brain to get in the new world.


  9. No guide scope, just the mount and a careful polar alignment. I was planning on dropping the exposure time by half and trying to get at least an hours worth of subs and some darks. I am not great with computers but I have DSS on my laptop for stacking but don’t have the first clue about processing.

    Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Marvin

  10. 16 minutes ago, Greymouser said:

    Thank you for asking and the good sentiment. :smiley:
    Yes all is well and the eye is starting to feel better all ready, so fingers crossed. The other eye went well, without any problems so this should be good too. There is no anaesthetic, other than eye drops, but they are useless, at least there is no recovery time. :smiley:

    I have to ask, your avatar? Looks like a complete gem.

  11. Definitely not an expert in this field but I got a great look between storms this evening. Big hole in the sky from horizon to horizon but this will last one hour before the weather front rolls in.

    Orion, the entire sky, constellation Orion, Taurus, and the surrounding constellations. Betelgeuse is sooooo dim. By naked eye, I would say one magnitude less than Rigel. Has this been the case at anytime in the viewable past?

    Please bear in mind I am just one of you, so my idea of magnitude maybe less than scientific. On the other hand if a PHD wants a fist fight I am more than willing to apologise.


  12. 2 minutes ago, Greymouser said:

    I got this over a week ago, but have had neither the time nor the inclination to get it out and sorted atop my tripod, yet. I have just been too tired, achy and busy.  Someone else bought it for me, which was nice, but I have already got an upgrade for one of the clamps, ( got myself this time, ) not sure which I will replace first. Top or side?

    873603653_DSC_0050-Copy.thumb.JPG.76be382922552fca46f1ca357bc29195.JPG Its a Sky Tee 2, just in case you are unsure...

    Aaaannnd today I had to go for another bout of laser eye surgery, on my left eye this time, ( hopefully the last time I will see him! ) which was very uncomfortable and has left my eye feeling very odd. Hopefully it will be better by morning. However as we got back, we were just in time for a delivery from DPD, which had come from Germany. I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived today, which is not bad coming from Germany. It showed as in stock, it was and was dispatched the same day it was ordered, which is better than some retailers and is not half bad at all! :grin:


    It is of course, the six inch classical cass, which has a very good price at the moment. I cannot wait to try it out, perhaps on the above new mount. :rolleyes2:
    Not sure what to make of it yet, but things seem to be a little loose and it may need a little fettling, so I will have to pick the brains of the apparent resident expert on these here Classics... :smiley: ( I wonder whom I could mean? :rolleyes2: )


    The most important thing in all of this, are you ok? I hear laser eye surgery and it gives me the chills. I do hope all is well.


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  13. 12 hours ago, Alien 13 said:

    The Pluto trigger is basically a smart wireless DSLR shutter remote control that is operated via a phone app, the unit has built in sensors for sound and light triggers so can detect lightening strikes for example during the day as well as doing HDR or just used as a intervalometer. The app is very powerful and allows for lots of differing configurations.


    Dude, that really is a thing of beauty. No idea anything like that existed. 


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  14. So happy to have you here. The enthusiasm and warmth for the subject are obvious and contagious.

    Your line in your post that something so simple could be so amazing sums up how a lot of us feel.

    I hope you enjoy this incredible journey. For me personally it was like having the top of my head removed, quick play with the grey matter, top of head replaced and I came out the other end a different person.

    I sincerely hope that you continue this amazing journey and encourage the younger generation to do the same. I hope your five year old daughter is in as much awe as me, and you, and hopefully thousands more.

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  15. Wednesday was blue skies and for once it did not cloud up by five pm. Decided to put the Nikon on my 150pds and have a go at taking my first DSO picture.

    M31 is a single image of 180 seconds at ISO 800. I sent it to Bukko for critical examination and he very kindly asked his son to see if it could be tweaked a bit. A little bit more detail of the dust lanes became apparent.

    Next opportunity I will try to grab a whole bunch of these and try a stack for the first time.



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  16. Fed up with everything getting soaking wet. Just received a Lynx Astro dual port dew controller and Astro zap heater band for my 150 pds. Tested it yesterday and Against all odds the skies were clear and the atmosphere was bone dry!!! 

    Is that the equivalent of equipment anti matter?


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  17. Wow that sure is an in-depth answer. I would give you sixty seconds under interrogation. I will look up IC 443 and see where it resides in the sky. Good luck capturing that S11 data, I hope you get to post a complete image that you are happy with soon.


  18. If I have clear skies tonight I am going to get right on this. I find meteorites fascinating. To be holding something that was once flying around in space is incredible. I have always had a dream of owning a decent size nickel iron meteorite with thumb printing. I know they can be bought on the web but I have so much more astronomy kit to get so it will just have to wait.


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