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  1. I'll contribute a couple. These were taken a few days ago through my Google Pixel 2 [Night Sight mode] with my Takahashi FC-100DF, AP MaxBright, and Pentax 10 XW. I increased the contrast in pic 2.. I wasn't sure which I thought looked the best, so I saved both.
  2. Here's my motley crew Those are 25mm Plössls just below the binoviewer.
  3. Aw man That's crappy news.. I was hoping they'd release an 8mm 92° to fill a void I have with this focal length. I'd be more likely to purchase a new ES 8mm 92 than I would an 8mm Ethos, but it looks like I may not have the luxury
  4. The 17/92° is the heaviest eyepiece I own as well, though our eyepiece collection is similar. From most massive to least, mine goes something like this: ES 17mm 92° - 1159g TV 21 Ethos - 1021g ES 12mm 92° - 1017g TV 31T5 Nagler - 1000g TV 17T4 Nagler - 726g TV 22T4 Nagler - 681g TV 4.7 Ethos - 590g TV 3.5 Delos - 499g TV 6 Delos - 454g Pentax XW 10 - 390g
  5. Nice! I think it's a Uni 18.. Looks just like mine, same height & everything, but the legs on your's are slightly tapered near the feet hardware.
  6. Yes it does! Thanks I'm considering one of those for the larger image scale it provides.
  7. Hey Mike How does the extender attach to the focuser? Does it thread on, or is it a standard 2" barrel? RK
  8. Here's mine.. Stellarvue SVA130T w/ 3" Feather Touch, Takahashi FC-100DF w/ Feather Touch Micro, and the dual setup which I've only used a couple of times [too much effort & distraction for nightly use]
  9. Just got the Berlebach Planet Tripod for my Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G
  10. Oh definitely. I don't understand why those don't come standard with all Berlebach tripods. I had to order one separately for the Uni 18, but it's incomplete without it. You just can't see it in the pictures because it's hidden under the tray. It's attached by the black knob in the center of the tray.
  11. Berlebach Uni 18 with Stellarvue M2C mount and Takahashi FC-100DF. And I just ordered a Planet Tripod for my Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G
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