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  1. Good lookin scope! Is the objective oil-spaced or air-spaced?
  2. Here are a couple cellphone pictures I took of the Alpine Valley Rille with my 4" FC-100DF. Pardon the black-spot photobomb in the first image.. Cursed camera is flawed.
  3. Here's a visual between the two, pictured below.. I had a chance to compare them, and the last thing that crossed my mind was the difference in FOV. They're both equally excellent performers, but the presentation is completely different. The whole 92º field can fit on the huge eye lens of the ES. The image just seems to float above it. The Ethos felt more like a porthole experience, like you are looking into a window to outer space. Other users have found it easier to view through, i.e. more consistent exit pupil. So I guess depends on your level of experience [depends on your s
  4. My smedium [small/medium] refractor...
  5. Thanks for the support, Mike! Nice to hear from you. To add, the cursed lens shield on the camera is cracked, and it's a hand held photo. I try to capture what I observe with my cellphone, but taking a picture of an image with a flawed camera is never going to reproduce the actual image. Sort of like making a copy of a copy; it never comes out as good as the original. Maybe I should've shown my Luna-pics instead of Mars through a cruddy atmosphere. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/694006-post-your-cell-phone-or-smart-phone-lunar-image-here/?p=10828247
  6. My point is you can use extremely high magnification in this scope with hardly any chromatic aberration or image breakdown. The last few posts were mentioning powers over 200x and 350x, so I was simply showing an illustrated example.
  7. Check this out.. This cellphone capture is from last fall [Oct-Nov] with 4.5 Delos + 2x Powermate in FC-100DF. Magnification is 329x.
  8. The smaller Fluorite models make one heck of a grab & go
  9. Kool! I didn't know you could do that. I've been eyeballing the AZ100 mount lately.. I should be able to pair it with my Berlebach Planet & Orion Pier Column Ext.
  10. Is that the AZ-EQ6 Pier Column Extension attached to your Rowan AZ100?
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