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  1. Thanks for all the advice guys. Helen thank you for the link. After having a read on this very forum I have purchased the Making every photon count book as it seem to be highly recommended. I have been having a play with it but only indoors as I live in the city with no outside space, But as soon as we get some clear skies I will venture out into the sticks and have a proper play
  2. I have been into astronomy for a while, But up until recently I have never had a telescope only a pair of binoculars. However as of a week ago I have inherited a telescope from a relative. To say i'm pleased is an understatement as I have been unable to afford to buy one. However the scope is a Skywatcher 200PDS and the mount is a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro with a Synscan controller. It came with a 40mm plossl eyepiece and a 28mm multi coated eyepice and some fittings but no instructions. As I have never had telescope before I don't know much about them apart from a a couple of weeks of basic research. I would like to use it for general observing and taking photos of both planets, DSOs if possible. if people have any tips or advice then please say. I have a few questions 1. Is this scope any good for photography 2. I have a nikon D80 DSLR camera apart from a T ring is there anything else I need to able to use it with the scope. 3. From looking online I see there is a vast array of accessories and lenses, filters etc (all completely over my head) apart from the two lenses i have already is there any other lenses, accessories I need or are recommended. I won't bombard you all with lots of questions as I have plenty. So I think that will do for now.
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