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  1. Do you have a link to this thread? My searching didn't bring up anything...
  2. Does anyone have an updated download link for the installer? The link at the top of this thread is broken.
  3. I'm in the OAG category, and have fitted the Orion TOAG. I think I'm going to have to inject a shim of somekind to tighten up the drawtube. Let's see how this goes. It's a shame the focuser replacement isn't a simple process.
  4. Reading the first link, the prospect of upgrading the focuser sounds very scary. Appreciate you sharing this, it has tempered my aspirations. Luckily the scope I have is reasonably well collimated - I think. When I rotate the Hotech SCA in the barrel, it moves suggesting that either the Hotech is off center or there's something off about the drawtube hole. Nonetheless, trying to KISS atm.
  5. From my reading around the subject, I read that the ES MN takes a long time to cool down because it's carbon fiber. Not sure how big of a problem that is in the U.K., but certainly in the summer it could be an issue.
  6. Haha.. I hope I'm so fortunate to be able to image with it. It's my first scope, but I've almost accumulated everything I need for AP. I do wish it came with a better focuser, the stock focuser really does feel rubbish.
  7. Hey Olly, I just got my hands on this scope, and am in the process of setting up. Can you elaborate on this statement? What do you mean? Thanks
  8. Most of the bits for the Orion TOAG are there, it only appears to be missing the 2" m48 extension tube, easily replaceable. It looks like it has the c mount to t thread adapter - this needs to be verified as it's quite important.
  9. I'd recommend taking a look at the Orion TOAG. I chose it over the ZWO because it's solid and doesn't have the flexure problems that some of the ZWO have. It's also only 10.5mm wide, which for me makes a big difference. I just received mine, and really like it. I haven't had a chance to take it out yet though.
  10. For sale: Nikon D3300 non modified. Body only, plus accessories. £170 + postage. Please contact me with any questions.
  11. I'll need a C Mount I believe. I am using the Altair Astro GP-CAM2 290M.
  12. Feel free to make me an offer via DM. I've spent so much on my astrophotography setup I'm trying to find every opportunity to cut cost. I'll be using this for polar alignment, so it doesn't need to be high quality, just the right focal length.
  13. I'm looking for a cheap guidescope that has an approximate focal length of 200mm and can fit a standard guidecam. If you have a spare one, would love to take it off you. Thanks
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