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  1. Thanks. I just posted another shot over the weekend. I dropped the ISO on that one to 800 and seems to improve the resulting shots.
  2. Another clear evening on Saturday near Preston, Lancashire. Although, it was pretty cold. 7 shots into this one (plus one dark), stacked within Photoshop and some level adjustments to brighten it up a little. Camera: Canon 600D Scope: Skywatcher 127 w/AZ-GTI mount ISO: 800 Shutter speed: 1/400s
  3. Last night was by far the clearest night we have had for a while in northwest England near Preston. I managed to get this shot just before the moon disappeared behind the roofline of my house. I have no views out to the west due to street lighting from road. I setup the scope in my back garden which really only offers 90 degrees either side of due East. This was taken using a Canon 600d with a T-ring adaptor and a SkyWatcher 127 AZ-GTI. I took it by turning the camera landscape as the moon wouldn't fit within the viewer portrait. I manually aligned the scope as time was against me too. Even at 9pm, it was still fairly light too. A little grainy due to the ISO, I guess I could have reduced it and increased the shutter speed at little. Quite happy with it for a quick single shot though and still quite new to all this. A few early test shots seem to show Earthshine, the unlit part of the moon was a deep blue but the lit part was completely blown out. Camera: Canon EOS 600D Scope: Skywatcher 127 Exposure time: 1/320 ISO: 6400
  4. I was wondering about transportation too, I have a mak127. I enquired about the aluminium cases on FLO, the only one they stock that would be close is for a mak150. The form inserts would have too large a hole in it to be suitable. Does anyone else have a mak127 and could offer some alternatives? Crates and bubble wrap sounds OK as I would only be transporting via car. I still have the original packaging so that is still an option, it was destined for the recycling tip but I might keep hold of it now.
  5. This is my first from last night of Sirius, just a single shot with a Canon 600D and the Skywatcher 127. I think the ISO was 1600 and the shutter speed about 20 seconds. Looks to be slightly too long due to the trails. No processing either but it was taken with a 90 degree mirror so the image is flipped. Although it was being tracked with a GTI AZ mount, I think I also had a few alignment issues as it kept drifting out of centre. Surprised the camera could focus to be honest.
  6. I have the same mount and a 127mm Maksutov. I have just got a Canon 600D and the T-ring adapter so I am hoping to take my first step into astrophotography tonight. I will try those times and see what I get. Not hoping for much success first time around but certainly looking forward to giving it a go.
  7. rob_r

    Hi from Preston, UK

    Thanks for the welcome everyone. I know Chorley quite well. I have family on my wife's side over that way. Absolutely. I think last night was the best night we have had for a good while, at least for gazing at the moon.
  8. Hi, I'm Rob, signed up to the forum for the impressive amount of information here. I got a SkyWatcher 127 scope last Christmas with the AZ GTI mount along with the standard EP's but also got an additional 15mm, 8mm and 2x barlow along with a couple of filters and a dew shield. Not had much chance to view much due to overcast skies in the NW of England but I'm getting used to the alignment setup and looking at the moon, before moving onto a few planets. Also got a second hand Canon 500D, best I could get on a budget and hope to take a few photos going forwards and familiarising myself with image processing (darks, bias, etc). Anyway, I hope to learn a few tips and tricks to get the best out of my new scope here. Cheers.
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