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  1. I have the same scope with a 224MC (and a Canon 600D). The 224MC gives very good images for lunar, I posted a few in the Lunar Imaging part of this forum. I've yet to use the 224MC for planetary but that will change once we are into late Summer. I did replace the USB cable on the ZWO camera for a USB-C connection as that is the only port available on my laptop as I found my USB2 to USB-C hub adaptor was losing connection. Really straightforward to start capturing video and images too. I don't think you'll be disappointed with either the 224 or 385 camera.
  2. My humble contribution to this thread. By far one of most distant intended objects I managed to image before the season closed and one of the better efforts in terms of data gathering. Object: The Sombrero Galaxy (Messier 104) Date: 01/05/2021 Bortle 6/5 sky Equipment: Canon 600D unmodded (ISO800), Skywatcher SkyMax 127, Skywatcher EQ5 mount, tracked, no filters Lights: 147 x 18sec Calibration frames: 40 Darks & 40 Bias Software: Siril & Photoshop
  3. These are great efforts, much better than my initial attempts at planetary imaging. Shooting movies will net you a lot more data in a shorter time frame. Siril can extract the frames from the AVI or SER movie and put them into a sequence, from there it stack those for you. Hope to see more once the darker skies return.
  4. I have but found AutoStakkert does a far better job in my opinion, ditto for lunar.
  5. Siril is decent but as @BCN_Sean mentions there is a learning curve to it but you can get some decent results from the default scripts it comes packaged with. Is 'Bootcamp' an option to install a Windows partition?
  6. Another +1 for Siril. Depending on the Mac and it's OS, is 'Bootcamp' an option to install a Windows partition? Just thinking it will open more options up for you.
  7. I'm in a simliar position also. The only chance I really have to stay up late is on the weekends due to work and daddy commitments as you mentioned. I was happy enough to get M104 at the end of April so my focus will be switching to the Moon until Jupiter and Saturn reach favourable positions to the South in the late Summer, around August into September soon after they both pass their respective oppositions. A bit hampered by housing and lighting for other targets out to the west.
  8. To be honest, I thought this when I fitted it to my 127 Mak. I have got the finder in tight but given the weight of it I could potentially see it dropping out of the shoe. Seems you have a couple of ideas there to help reduce that chance, I may well do the same.
  9. Heard lots of good things about it on these forums. It is a solid piece of kit and feels well made. Just need a clear night now.
  10. A new RA erecting finderscope, IR cut filter and ZWO IR 850nm pass filter. Thanks FLO. Got fed up for arching and bending my neck over the RDF. Preparing for the late Summer appearances of Jupiter and Saturn.
  11. Mild (14C) but wall to wall cloud for tonight and next week looks to be more of the same…
  12. Thanks. Once the longer nights return, I'll switch back to DSOs. Under Bortle 6 skies, I feel true darkness has already gone even on the rare opportunities I get to stay up past midnight. M51 is another target but it is already disappearing over the top of my house! Me too. Even at 18s, trailing is evident but some detail is there. With hindsight, I should have upped the ISO to 1600 perhaps. I had problems in DSS attempting to stack it due to lack of stars even at 2% threshold plus median filtering. Siril just battered through the frames and stacked them. M104 will fit in frame
  13. Hi, perhaps the last DSO imaging session for me until the late Summer. I had M104 or M3 in mind, M3 would have been the better choice on altitude alone and equipment but I didn't want to pass this target up if I managed to locate it within frame. However, I did catch M104 in frame despite being unable to see it through the EP, it was a bit of click and hope at the highest ISO setting then a little re-centering. By far, the most distant object I captured so far. The below consists of 147x light frames at 18s exposure (~44 minutes) at ISO800, along with 40x flats, 40x darks and 40x bias.
  14. Got the issue although I've never been to Skye but had booked a cottage on the Isle of Arran last summer which didn't happen for obvious reasons. I was looking forward to the Bortle 1 skies, hopefully another opportunity will present itself soon. Stein Inn has been noted for future reference also. Last time I took my scope up to Scotland it was persistently cloudy.
  15. Thanks for pointing those out, I see them now. Seems I caught a few more too, Rima Bradley, Fresnel and Archimedes. I'll have to figure out the barlow issue to try and get a closer look at all these features.
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