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  1. We currently live in the same town but my job is moving me to Austin, and he has really gotten into the hobby. I have handled a couple of 10in dobs at star parties so I am not worried about that. Plus I have a 102mm refractor if I want a quick session. I have compared sketches and read several posts of people saying if you are replacing the 8 with the 10 as the smallest dob, it is worth it. I will get the 16 when I get settled into Austin in a year or two when I have bought a house outside of the city. But I do have a good friend from college that has a big ranch in lockhart, about 45min away from Austin, that I will take the 10 inch to in the mean time.
  2. Thanks for the replies! I should note that I currently have an 8 inch skywatcher dob, along with a 23mm Celestron Luminos, 16mm TV nagler type 2, 12mm astro-tech paradigm, 9mm svbony 68* and a Televue 2.5x barlow. My thought process is that I plan to give the 8 inch to my brother who is in college, and get a 10 inch to be my smallest dob. As my "end goal" is a 16in Explore Scientific truss dob in a couple of years. We are going to Big Bend this summer and I would like to get the 10 inch before that. The Bresser is a strong contender but I am wondering if its advantages are worth the $$ over the ES model that is virtually the same. Seems the Bresser has a different mirror and a slightly different focuser. I haven't found a bad report of the views. Same with the Explore Scientific though. Then add in the collapsable skywatcher and I have quite a conundrum here haha. I am also working on getting quality EPs before I get the scope. I plan to add a 12mm type 2 nagler and an 8.8 mead uwa and maybe a 3x barlow. I am hoping I won't need a coma corrector, but ik I will have to have one eventually for the 16in, but that is too far off to worry about. Any reports of coma? Thanks again.
  3. Sorry to resurrect this thread but I made an account just to do it haha. I am strongly considering this telescope and was hoping for an update! Thanks
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