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  1. Hi I have an Astro Egineering trakker Alt Az mount which is actually a modified Manfrotto geared head with one axis removed. Very high quality and works well with my 90mm mak and the gears are smooth up to around 150x makes for a quick grab and go setup. Around £150 quid so not too cheap. I got it before the Vixen Porta Mini came out so that would be my first choice now. Matt
  2. Hi I opened the eyepiece up and added a little lithium grease and its good as new! Matt
  3. I use a small Peli micro case, waterproof and rugged. I have a bright yellow one so i can find it in the grass. I keep a small silca gel pouch in it to keep out moisture.
  4. Hello What is a good low magnification eyepiece for a 90mm Maksutov? I know Maks have a long focal length but i was hoping for an eyepiece that will show all of the Pleiades, my Skywatcher 8-24mm just does not have the FOV at 24mm. I was thinking of a 32mm Plossl or will that vignette in my little Mak? Thanks in advance Matt
  5. I'll try Lithium grease on my Skywatcher 8-24mm as its very noisy when using the zoon. I use Lithium grease in some of my mountain bike bearings so i have loads lying round, i just have to remember its optics not bearings when applying so less is more ; )
  6. My skywatcher 8-24mm zoom eyepeice has developed a rather irritating squeek after several years of use, has any of you folks ever opened one of these up or had a similar problem? The zoom guides still have the plastic/PTFE covers on the guides so it seems like metal to metal abrasion somewhere. Its only a cheap eyepiece so i don't mind opening it up. Its never been dropped so i'm wondering if some lube if it has any has dried up, seemed to appear after some very cold viewing from Mow Cop castle this winter. I like the eyepiece for its good eye releif and FOV at the 12-8mm range on my MAK, much
  7. If there was ever a way to show a newcomer the the use of binoculars for stargazing, tonights moon grazing past the pleiades was it. I set up the bins on my tripod, pulled the girlfriend away from the TV and she was amazed! I was going to get the scope out and take some images, instead we just sat and soaked up the view. A simple setup and pure enjoyment. Regards Matt
  8. Should be clear tomorrow so hope to get a good view around 7:01pm for my location. The last time I saw the ISS was last year with the Shuttle following close behind, A great sight. I'm waiting for a lunar transit, I would love to image that. http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-lunar-solar/93976-iss-moon-transit-28-dec-09-a.html Matt
  9. Happy Birthday Patrick! I wonder if he's a member under a sudonym? I still have an image of the moon he signed for me at Jodrell Bank. Matt
  10. Very nice! I process:icon_scratch: I'm old school trained so that used to mean chemicals! Back on track i process using Photoshop CS4. Usually a level adjustment, a little selective burning if needed and some smart sharpening. A little sharpening mind, less is more. Regards Matt
  11. Hi John and welcome I'm new here too and fun it is too! Just got a Skymax myself and its proving to be excellent. Regards Matt
  12. Thanks for all the welcomes guys and gals! I am enjoying this forum greatly, lots of info and a great help. Regards Matt
  13. Hi Walter and welcome. This is a great forum and so friendly, you'll love it here. I started on binoculars and still use them for my quick fix. My mothers family is from Oregon, not near you but still across the pond:icon_eek: Regards Matt
  14. Typical, I just ordered an Orion EZ II for my Meade ETX to give this underused scope of mine a much needed finder. Get the scope out and the Autostar has died. New batteries, checked and cleaned connections etc. It starts up glows red then the screen go's blank. The motors work but very erraticly. Well at least I have a spare finder for my Maksutov:icon_eek: I got bored of the goto mount anyway, I much prefer a manual eq mount. I'll keep the ep's and retire the scope if I can't find the old standard non goto EC controller on here or Ebay. Glad i just got the Maksutov or I'd be without a telesc
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