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  1. Thanks all for your comments, they really help! I am going to go for the f/5. No my doubt is whether to get a Motor Drive one or not, is that worthy? Also what about the finderscope? The telescopes I am looking at come with red dot but I have read it could be hard to find objects with a red dot, harder than with a 6x30 finder; is that true? What are the main difference between a red dot and a finder?
  2. Hi John, Thanks for your advice, I will go for a f/5. I did a quick search and looks like the Meade has a parabolic mirror too. Also it is cheaper than the Skywatcher, would you still recommend the Skywatcher one? Is it a better brand?
  3. Hi, I am going to buy my first telescope and I can't make up my mind with the focal ratio. I have seen this two option within my budget Skywatcher 130/1000 eq2 with a f/7.7 ratio Meade 130 Polaris EQ with 650 mm focal length and f/5 ratio. I read that a f/7.7 would be better to watch planets while f/5 would be better to watch galaxies and nebulae and will also give a brighter image. As I am new and never looked through a telescope like those I don't know which to choose. The idea of looking at galaxies really excited me but I also wanted to see planets such as Jupiter or Saturn and it's moons, and at the moment I am not considering photography as I still need to get familiar with the telescope but in the future I would love to take some photos so brightness could be important. My question is how much difference would I noticed between these two focal ratio when I looked at planets and galaxies. Would I get a much better view of Saturn with a f/7.7 or not really? Thanks in advance for your advices
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