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  1. Welcome! I've had a 130P for a year and couldn't be happier with it ?
  2. Thank you. You need to capture in raw mode. My camera makes my image have a yellow/green tinge so I need to neutralizer that and create a luminosity layer. Then I select my background image and select auto colour and then I increase the saturation slowly until I see the colours starting to appear. I still have to combat some yellow/green hues in some areas but that easy enough to do. Then I flatten image and the layers combine. I also increase the vibrance a little. It's a slow and gradual process to tease out the colours and balance but it's getting a lot easier with practice ?
  3. Thankyou, I'm really pleased with it! I've sharpened a little more and updated the pic ?
  4. Some months back I asked on here how to create a colour moon. Well, months later and I'm finally getting it ? This was processed in Photoshop and its a 6 panel mosaic captured in SharpCap Pro with an Altair GpCam2 290c and Skywatcher 130P AZ GOTO
  5. Love it! Look at Aristarchus shining like a diamond!
  6. Cheers guys. I think I'm going to have to invest in PS then to achieve it ?
  7. OK, so far I've only imaged the moon in mono but the other night I shot in rgb as I'd like to give mineral moon a go now. I've had a play but no real idea of what I'm doing. I only have Gimp and star tools on my pc. Has anyone else achieved a mineral moon using these? Thanks in advance ?
  8. Vicki Pink

    Hi all!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all ?
  9. Vicki Pink

    Hi all!

    Hello to you all, I've just joined after hearing good reviews ? I started in astronomy last May. I have a Skywatcher explorer 130p az goto and an Altair GpCam2 290c to image with. I started with my mobile phone until Nov when I got my camera. I'm completely in love with the moon and lunar imaging is my thing although I have started in DSO imaging too and I'm looking forward to grabbing the planets too. Good to be here!
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