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  1. I would like to offer my own explanation for dark matter and dark energy that also explains the behavior of Oumuamua. I paste an abstract here along with a link to my article on this. I am also attaching a pdf of the article ABSTRACT Galactic rotation rates, the distribution of matter in the early universe shown by the scale of anisotropies in the CMB, and cosmological expansion present problems that current theory attempts to resolve by positing dark matter and dark energy. This paper posits that gravitational force is a dampened wave function dependent upon mass and distance. Therefore gravity reverses at regular dampened intervals. This reversal would also be in effect at smaller scales such as our own solar system, implying that current theory may have overlooked evidence of this in the data from various probes that have been launched. LINK: https://redd.it/ao8vfo Bakhos Gravity_as_a_wave_function.pdf
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