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  1. Skywatcher collimating eyepiece £15 delivered to mainland UK
  2. Selling a few of my astro items, will add pictures if there is interest. Would prefer pickup (Pembrokeshire, South Wales) for mount and telescope but can look into postage for additional cost, all other items include postage to mainland UK. Skywatcher EQ5 mount, very little use a few use related marks - £185 Skywatcher 130PDS telescope a few marks on mounting rail otherwise in good condition. This has been flocked and comes with original finder scope, and 28mm eyepiece - £115 sold Baader MPCC Mark III coma corrector, few marks to paint from use - £95 Skywatcher EQ5 Enha
  3. Making every photon count in used condition. £10 delivered to mainland UK.
  4. How do you measure focal length on a reflector telescope? Is it simplly the length of the tube or is there more too it? I recently bought the skywatcher 130pds which is quoted to have a shorter focal length than 130P but the stats are exactly the same, even on the side it says 650mm f5, but the length of the tube is 600mm, would this mean it's f4.6?
  5. Thanks, yes I have had a few years photography experience, but recently got into astrophotography. I learnt a lot from my first two attempts and decided to get multiple exposures to stop the core from getting too out of control. Attached other attempts for reference, both taken on 70-300mm Nikon lens. One was 4 seconds untracked at 6400iso and the other was tracked at 60 seconds at 1600 iso
  6. Hi All, new to the forum. I thought I would share my third attempt at taken a picture of this subject and first time using a scope (Scope recently purchased from @Terrierist thanks for a smooth transaction) I am really please how this turned out as I didn't plan on imaging as just wanted to try out the scope and then got carried away, so mount was pointed in best guessed north without using polar scope. Taken on 22-Feb-2019 Skywatcher 130pds Eq5 mount with motor drive for tracking Nikon D5100 set at iso1600 24x30" lights, 16 darks 40x15" lights, 9 dark
  7. Does anyone know where I can find a UV + IR cut hot mirror to replace the built in filter in Nikon D5100. I want to self mod the camera but can't find a replacement filter.
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