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  1. Thanks Louise and Fabio, i will read more threads about filters and everything, thank you both for the advice given! Jacob
  2. Sorry to hear that as well Fabio,? You know the HEQ5, it has a sky-scanner attached to it, would i have to connect it to a computer or anything or does it work by itself. Could i ask Louise, is your camera astro-modified? I live in Warwick which gets clear skies often, however i could start going to darker skies! Could you explain the different types of filters i would need for the telescope, like the light pollution and the types of filters which bring out certain colors in a nebula? What does a field flattener do and would i need one and what about comma correction? Jacob.
  3. I am thinking now to buy a SW 150PDS. With a HEQ-5 mount... by the way what does the prefix N,H mean in the mounts for example a NEQ-5 or a HEQ-5? would i need anything else like a separate guide scope, or is the one included fine?
  4. Hi thankyou Louise, i have done some astrophotography with a lens before, i would i consider buying a 75-300mm lens if that’s any good?
  5. Hi, so is there an advantage of taking deep space images on a camera lens and vice versa?
  6. wait so a SW130 is better than a 150? Is the skywatcher telescope you have a 1.25" or 2"? what mount do you have? could you also attach some images you have taken with it? thanks
  7. yeah i was thinking of the astromaster 130EQ. is a 1.25" focuser not suitable for deep space imaging? or the SQ 130pds is also another option, what about the SW 150P?
  8. Hi read about photography using a lens but s it good for deep space photography? i haven't thought of a budget as i am just starting to look at things!
  9. Hi , for my current telescope its a Altazimuth mount, i figured my telescope was quite bad for deep space astrophotography.
  10. Hi i'm new to astronomy and bought my first telescope a 76x700. Its good at taking pictures of the moon, i'm thinking about buying a new telescope. Is a Celestron 130EQ good for astrophotography? It has a focal length of 650mm so an F/5. Would this be good for taking pictures of the Orion nebula and Andromeda Galaxy. Thanks!
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