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  1. Yes we have that here in Staffordshire through the RB Digital app. I subscribe to both Sky at Night and Astronomy (U.S) magazines. You can archive back issues in the cloud and just download the current issue to your device to save on storage.
  2. Bit late to the party maybe, but I had these
  3. Welcome Derek. If you're not already aware of him, check out a guy called Alyn Wallace on YouTube, amazing astro photos, using just a camera and mount
  4. Still cloudy up here. Should clear in the next hour
  5. That is a full set, Merlin100 . Right, off to write my Christmas list...
  6. https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/page/c8aefef6129d465cbeae688ba652025b?page=22 Wonderful story. Nostalgia at its best
  7. Yes, highly recommended. I have upgraded to a full set over the last year, including the 25mm which, if I'm honest, doesn't make too much of a difference to the original SkyWatcher. The 15mm is my favourite. I've kept hold of the stock eyepieces though so if I ever upgrade my scope they can go with it.
  8. Fantastic. Just watched it with the boys. I even let the little one stay up as he'd never seen a launch before before. He's 5 and has an engineering mind, builds lots of things with motors and Meccano, now wants to build a space rocket
  9. I am a big fan of the BST Starguiders. I already had a 15mm and, a couple of weeks ago, decided to purchase the 5, 8 and a 25mm. They were already a great price but I also got a multi-buy deal online too. Was so pleased when I redid my eyepiece case that I had to take a photo, lol. I've used them a few times already and am very impressed so far. They suit me and my budget and it has meant that I could give my stock 10 & 25mm Skywatchers to my son which he can safely use with his little Meade ETX 70 without fear he'll drop mine on the patio!
  10. Hello Alice and dad, welcome to the forum. I have an eight year old son who shares my hobby too which is lovely. We have a Skywatcher 130 goto (hence the name) and also a little Meade ETX 70 that is unofficial his! There are lots of nice space and astronomy apps around that you may find useful. I recently found the Celestron Skysense Explorer app, which is meant to be used with one of their telescopes but can be used by anyone and it will give you a view of the night sky based on your phone/tablet's GPS coordinates and, if you click on 'tonight's best' or search for a planet, there are lots of
  11. Called off. What an absolute shame, all that preparation . Good trial run though.
  12. I was talking to my 23 year old daughter the other day as I was setting up my telescope outside. I ended up showing her the Stellarium app on my tablet, explaining how it works and that you can fast forward or rewind time to see what's in the night sky at any given time. She then said, 'nan and grandad told me that there was a bright light in the sky when I was born, a comet I think it was...' Now, I have absolutely no recollection of this at all, to my absolute shame as I wasn't into astronomy back then and I was quite young myself. Lo and behold, it was indeed Hale-Bopp, which of course I
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