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  1. Thanks for that Michael, something else to try! At the moment the tech is getting in the way of observing. For the last 20yrs I've used a non-computerised LX50, sometimes I wish I still was!
  2. Assuming correct polar alignment and levelling how accurate should the mount be regarding the displayed RA and Dec values when using the "display position" function in the utilities menu? I was hoping this would be the equivalent of using DSC s. I've been told that this is not the case unless full alignment has been performed. Any comments appreciated.
  3. Thanks for that.I see that many folk say that 2 star works better than 3 star alignment but I'll try with 3. Here's hoping! How crucial is levelling the mount?
  4. Poor initial Go-To. Polaris alignment- I can rotate RA axis and it stays on the engraved circle, which is itself aligned. Do I have to rotate the RA so that Polaris is at the correct hour position at the start of each session, which then will not be the "home" position previously set?
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