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  1. I'm looking for a good parallelogram and tripod combination for my pair of Helios light quest 20x80 binoculars (2490g/5.48 lb) that - if necessary - I would use together with my ball pistol grip (745g/1.10 lb). Total weight: 3235g/7.13lb. I'm based in Essex.
  2. I have a pair of Helios light quest 20x80 binoculars (2490g/5.48 lb) that I would like to use together with my ball pistol grip (745g/1.10 lb). Total weight: 3235g/7.13lb The ball pistol grip would only be necessary to give me the movement I require on the paragon plus. But, would the Orion paragon-plus be suitable for this weight? There is a very big jump in the capabilities of the Orion monster version and I’m not convinced they would be necessary for my requirements. Cost is also a factor! I'm not into diy but am open to any suitable second hand parallelogram and tripod if available. Thanks for all advice.
  3. I am pretty new to this world though I do have 10x50 binoculars, a tripod and and membership of a local club. I have used their 20x80 binos and found the magnification to my liking. I am looking to buy my own pair. I like the good vibes given about the Helios brand and, with my budget in mind, am looking at either Stellar-11, or Quantum-4. I'm guessing the Quantum-4 is an older model as it's quite difficult - but not impossible - to get hold of. I would like members to advise me as to which ones I should buy. Your help would be immensely appreciated. Thanks.
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