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  1. I have just started a new development project for my weather station, to replace old one which served me for last 4 years or so. The retired version was using: - Arduino Mini Pro (Atmega 328p) + BLE - Weather Meters (wind speed, wind direction, rain fall) - Rain detector (analog humidity sensor) - BME280 (temperature, humidity, pressure) - MLX90614 (cloud detector) - Light detector (optoresistor) Communication based on Bluetooth Low Energy (JSON formatted data sent by weather station every 300s) Data collected by Raspberry Pi inside, running: - Mosquitto server for MQTT publishing environmental data to all other devices at home - InfluxDB (persistent data series) - Grafana (graphs and gauges) I'm gonna keep the sensors and replace the core for the newest Arduino Nano 33 BLE or Arduino Nano 33 IoT. Just waiting for delivery
  2. Thanks for the info. Last question then - what is a diameter of the silver ring housing?
  3. This is what I meant Thank you. I'm considering using it with other focuser (not Feathertouch). Just to be sure - the gear is mounted on focuser shaft (3mm), then you fit it into motor slot with visible secondary gear. It that right?
  4. Hi, is Lilliput 7" monitor still available?
  5. BTW. You can use SkySafari to control telescope from your iPad. Just add SkySafari driver to your profile
  6. You must have changed screen resolution. Revert back to something normal
  7. First, download catalogs using KStars menu Data / Download New Data, then take a look at View / HiPS All Sky Overlay / DSS Colored Finally, configure your markers using Settings / FOV Symbols
  8. One more thing. Have you saved your configuration (Options / Save)? If not, try doing this after setting park position. I'm not sure, but it might help. BTW. if encoders are in use you need to set proper home (=park?) position with your hand controller. Otherwise, whatever you do mount will identify it's physical position based on encoders, ignoring any position saved by software/drivers.
  9. Running KStars/Ekos on PC and connecting via network to INDI server with drivers and devices on Raspberry Pi is not safe in terms of network connection errors. If you lose connection during a session it will be aborted and there is not resume option available. You would have to restart everything from scratch. Likewise everything running on Raspberry Pi is totally network errors proof i.e. losing connection just disconnects you from viewing remote desktop, but everything continues to work on Raspberry Pi. You can safely disconnect and shutdown your PC and reconnect when needed. Including reconnecting from other device to see what's going on with your system running at a scope.
  10. Oh, one more thing - pasting text copied from various guides... When using web interface it is not very convenient, but works very well. When you copy text it goes to a clipboard (as usual), but pasting it requires you to pass copied text to a desktop-in-browser first, for security reasons. So you need to open sliding menu and click clipboard icon on it. Then paste copied text to a text field. After you've done that, the text is ready to paste in the system sitting in the browser. This works the same the other way around i.e. when you want to copy text from desktop in browser, it goes to clipboard in the sliding menu, then you can copy it from your host system and paste it wherever needed. This is a feature not a bug and there is no other way to handle it, keeping remote desktop viewed in browser isolated from host system. Much easier way is to use terminal emulator aka SSH client such as Putty. It lets you connect to this magic black console remotely over the network. Just configure a connection to your Astroberry (default username and password are astroberry) and click connect. What you get is Astroberry console. Copying from it does not require Ctrl+C, just select text and paste it in your host system. If you want to copy any text from host system, copy it as usual and right-click in terminal window to paste it (again no Ctrl+V required). Last but not least... working on console IS much more convenient than you think. You don't need to type every single character. Linux users use so called TAB completion, which auto-complets commands for them after typing a few letters + TAB (once for completion and twice to see available options). Just try it with the most popular command you probably use on Astroberry when updating the system. Type "sudo apt up" and press TAB twice. You will get two options: update and upgrade. Now if you add "d" and press TAB the command will autocomplete to "sudo apt update" but if you add "g" and press TAB you will get "sudo apt upgrade". The same applies to any command you want to use. After you get used to it you realize that it is easier and faster than dozens of clicks. And gives you added value of knowing what's going on in the system. Any error will be visible on the spot. Which is not really the case when you use GUI. Anyway, it's just a point of view of a linux nerd for over 25 years All the best, clear skies and keep safe. I'm coming back to M57 in Ha. On Astroberry obviously, sitting at my desk while scope is outside
  11. Hi there! Many questions in one thread but I will try to handle this challenge First, please take some time and read Astroberry Wiki. It provides answers for some of the questions. For sure it helps to answer "How do I get rid of the Warsaw location in the Astroberry tab?". Don't take it wrong but at least more people know where Warsaw is on the map now But seriously, Virtual GPS is kind of confusing for many users. To keep it short - disable it if you use real GPS. Weather applet is another story, it does not use GPS and is really buggy. I recommend removing it from taskbar and the problem is gone. I will not add it to taskbar in the next release for sure. Thanks to @TerryMcK for providing answers to some of the questions, before I joined this thread. Calling me by name helps a lot, as I get a notification so I can react. If there is any outstanding issue I will be more than happy to help.
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