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  1. Thanks for sharing. Default gateway set to is strange indeed. This must be an isolated case. I have reviewed and retested configuration on fresh system and I always get proper gateway from local dhcp servers. I will keep the configuration in the image as it is now unless this issue is reported by other users. Clear skies!
  2. Can you share the solution providing specific details here? https://github.com/rkaczorek/astroberry-server/issues
  3. Astroberry 2.0.0 is built on top of official "Raspbian Buster with desktop" (Release date: 2019-09-26). You can install it on "Raspbian Buster with desktop and recommended software" following commands on https://www.astroberry.io/
  4. Hot Spot uses standard functionality of Network Manager and the only thing that Astroberry does is... adding predefined hot spot connection. If it does not work it must be Network Manager issue or (as stash suggests) local issue.
  5. I second BME280. Very reliable. I'm using it outside for last 2 yrs. No problem whatsoever The easiest way to build descent weather station enclosure is to use... flowerpots, or actually their parts. See the image blow.
  6. At least your mount is in predictable and controllable position, so as soon as you reconnect INDI client (=KStars/Ekos) you can park safely instead of manual intervention. Same for focuser position. The rest does not matter.
  7. You made my day with this comment If I sound like Arnold I will make more videos then There is one, but very important benefit - if you start indiserver and drivers from within ekos (locally) they will crash along kstars/ekos (if it happens, and it sometimes does), if you start them independently from ekos, they keep running whatever happens to kstars/ekos
  8. Don't worry. Let's leave it to other people for testing
  9. It might be the case that simple "sudo apt reinstall -t buster libpasastro" would do the trick without reinstalling ccdciel and the rest.
  10. Hi guys, two comments: 1) QHY PoleMaster is an app for Ubuntu Mate, not Raspbian. Astroberry is based on Raspbian. See this post 2) RAW files support for CCDciel and ASTAP - I have just made libpasastro library available for Astroberry. You will probably need to remove the original one before installing new one. Also you need to select which repository should be used for installation (note -t switch below), because libpasastro will be now available both from original Patrick's repo and astroberry repo. I'm not sure how it will work during next update. Please test and report. sudo apt remove libpasastro sudo apt install -t buster libpasastro
  11. Thanks Stash. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes
  12. I don't get it. So how I should address it in Astroberry Server?
  13. So it looks like original CCDciel and ASTAP binaries do not like Raspbian Buster at all. When releasing Astroberry Server (image) I decided to not recompile & repackage these apps, but added original repositories and installed these apps from them. Exactly what an experienced used would do when not using my image, but rather installing everything on genuine raspbian. Apparently there is some library (libraw?) compability issue. So it will only work if I recompile & repackage CCDciel (possible) and ASTAP (impossible). I will give it a closer look when I have time for this.
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