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  1. I often see secondhand C11 scopes being sold at lower prices than C9.25. Why is this? I might be forgiven for believing the C9.25 is regarded as better?? Anyone have any thoughts on this. Why shouldn't I spend less for an apparently bigger aperture? Thanks Mark
  2. Hi. I've been looking at astrobin. Best resolution of Saturn's rings with a C9.25 was using asi zwo 174 imaging camera. But reviews I've read say the 224 is THE best camera for planets. I see a £400 cost difference, with the 224 much cheaper. Do what's going on? Which camera would you recommend for saturn?
  3. Thanks. I will probably get one that's a bit cheaper. It's got me thinking though as I have several camera lenses as well as my ed80
  4. Hi Knight. Thanks. I'm curious, how do you connect the 1600mm cool camera to a camera lens? Adapter? If so, I didn't realise you could do that.
  5. Please list one example of these with respect to type of object being imaged, equipment needed, skill/experience needed and approximate cost. Thank you Mark
  6. If it's like my gti az mount, the mount creates its own WiFi network. My phone always shows my Internet as disconnected as soon as my phone recognises the Mount's signal and I connect to it.
  7. Try disconnecting from your main WiFi signal. Sometimes that has out powered my mount WiFi signal. Usually it works without doing that, but was the iy way I got it working on one occasion.
  8. So, does that mean you can see three shallow indentations in the lawn? If so, I'm thinking of some 'grasslike' material I could put into them just for appearances which I could remove when needed. Camouflage basically!
  9. Do you put the grass back over the saucers? I'm thinking of my wife's reaction.
  10. Thank you. I was wondering about the size of the flowerpot bases.were they placed upside down and covered with grass. I'm just trying to visualise exactly how it would look. Thanks Mark
  11. Thanks for the interesting report John. I Suspect 10x50 has the aperture to resolve rigel b, but not the magnification to actually see it separately from Rigel.
  12. Hi. I know this thread is quite old, but can you explain a bit more about the flower pot bases and what they are doing? Thanks Mark
  13. Mmm. I will have to look through my finder more carefully. I will try my baader zoom from 25x onwards to find minimum mag that I can see the split in my 80mm ed.
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