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  1. That celestron 2 in diagonal screws on a threaded end common to SCT telescopes and I read that some maks also have them so I just wanna know if mine is the same. What you show in the picture that diagonal doesn't thread on but fits inside a tube with a compression ring and screw like usual diagonals
  2. While you can probably achieve a broad range of wide fov to a big zoom with the 102 depending on your eyepiece and Barlow setup and can be good depending on the quality of them it seems the larger the Diamater the better for deep sky stuff so a 8in or 10 in reflector would be better for that it seems. I think the min reason I and many like the mak or a SCT telescope is because it's compact as mine gives 1900mm focal range which is more than twice the zoom of my 102 yet it's a fraction of its length. From what I'm understanding you can see see almost any object with the 102 but with a larger reflector it will just be brighter and stand out more. So I think of the 3 types, the mak is least needed but good for portability if you want that or don't want to deal with using Barlow and eyepieces that may be pricy to achieve good seeing on the 102 as you would see on the mak. So maybe all 3 types can have there time and place when it would be best to use them especially depending on the quality of eyepeices and Barlows you have. I think in the end a telescope is a telescope and the main thing that will give you the best experience is the eyepiece so if you want the best wow factor I'd get a wide fov with a big exit opening not sure what that's called but the round glass you look through because some can be tiny and some, are large that I feel makes it. More pleasant to see through. I just got into this hobby and now have the Mak and the 102 and already considering getting a 8in reflector too if I didn't have any and ated to save money I'd probably be happy with only a 102 or 127 or 150 refractor.
  3. Would this fit on the explore Scientific 127mm mak? I'd like to be able to use 2in eyepeices. random dice roll random dice roll
  4. Well I know all that but I still don't know which is better between a reflector and refractor especially for a light polluted area like most neighborhoods
  5. So somebody mentioned that an 8 in reflector would be good for a dark sky but I am in a neighborhood in the city with lots of Lights house lights street lights lights on businesses so would 8 inch reflector not be ideal for my location? Because I mainly just go out in the yard to look up in my telescopes so I'm wondering for my area would the 8 in reflector not produce as good of image since it would be gathering in maybe all that light as well?
  6. On my finder scope there's a focusing ring just behind the lens at first I didn't know how to do it but then I saw this ring that turned
  7. If that's the most you want to spend what I would do is look for something pre-owned because there's so many people who buy fancy telescopes and they don't use them anymore and they end up selling them and you can get a very good one for less than half the cost usually. I think if you want a telescope that can sort of do it all you would probably want to telescope that is around 6 to 800 mm focal length so you can have a wide field of view for scanning the sky and still use a combination of eyepieces and Barlow lenses to zoom in close two objects. I think what you should try to look for is a 6 or 8 in reflector and get some good eyepieces because it's really the eyepiece that makes the telescope and you will enjoy the sights much better if you have a wide field-of-view eyepiece however they can be expensive but you might be able to find some pre-owned ones. Usually when you buy a telescope it doesn't come with very good eyepieces especially if you buy a low-end telescope so I think you should spend your most money on the mount and eyepiece because it's telescope it's just the mirror in a tube
  8. I think the Wi-Fi module is for the Celestron mount not the actual scope because I often read that in descriptions and it sounds very confusing because it sounds like you plug it into the actual telescope
  9. It seems like the GPS unit would just be a waste of money because you can just simply enter in the coordinates manually by looking on your smartphone and since the GPS unit only enters it in automatically for you and not much more than that it sounds like it's a lot to spend to just not have to push a few buttons
  10. So I recently started getting into this a couple months ago and got my first telescope then (MAK 127MM 1900MM) and I've used it for looking at the moon and taking pictures of the moon A lot of times already and I think it's fantastic because it will make the whole Moon fill up the entire View and just a few days ago I received another telescope (102AR Doublet) in the mail because I wanted something with a wider field-of-view that would be good for other types of objects like nebulas and galaxies or whatever that is too large for my Mak to see all of. And I have only been able to use it once so far and everything looks very good through it but the only thing I don't really like is that when I take a picture with my DSLR attached it produces some blue rings around the Stars and for whatever reason it only comes out in the pictures and I don't see any of that through the eyepieces. but I'm wondering if I should get a reflector specifically this one in the picture. I'm wondering if it would allow me to see things significantly different or things I wouldn't be able to see with the two telescopes I already have. online dice roller for classroom
  11. Well as it can be shorty to look for a 2nd hand good mount I just want to stick to ordering a sub 1000 dollar mount so I called highpoint the online place I've been ordering stuff from and the tech recommended the celestron avx over the explore Scientific exos-2gt and he said they are both nearly the same performance wise but the avx can hold a bit more weight so I just ordered that. I know a sub 1000 mount isn't going to be perfect but I'm not trying to be a professional astro anything either so hopefully it'll be good enough to track and point to what I Wanna see.
  12. So is neither the celestron avx or the es exos2-gt with pcm8 a worthy mount?
  13. Hmmm links didn't work and I believe your suggesting different mounts altogether but I think I've head that es mount is an eq5 type anyway
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